Testimonials From Our Trusted Customers


Testimonials From Our Trusted Customers

“Apollo is very friendly. He provided very comprehensive information although we did not intend to buy at first. He is very patient with our queries, and we spent about 3 hours at the showroom. He is very accommodating and responsive to our needs. He is always ready to help us whenever we needed advice.” 

Mdm Azizah Binte Ahmad, Peugeot 3008 owner 

I would like to commend your service advisor Tan Wei Quan for providing a good customer service. He is friendly, approachable and helpful. I have been going to him for all servicing needs and the experience had always been consistent. He would also go the extra miles to assist. Even if the scope is beyond the basic servicing and beyond working hours, he will assist me to direct to the right department. He is a valuable staff to the company.

Mr Ong Yeow Hin, Peugeot 308 owner 

Cindy was extremely helpful and accommodating to my queries and needs. Her colleagues were also very helpful to ensure my family and I were well taken care of when she was unavailable. I feel a positive bond amongst the sales team, and I was very happy with the support I received during my purchase.

Mr Chong Zhi Wei, Peugeot 3008 owner 

I had no appointment, but Bernard was assigned to me. I was very worried about my 2016 car. Bernard analysed my car in half a day, contacted me and proceeded to fix it. I collected my car on 24 Nov, and he had replaced the ABS sensor and AirCon related parts that failed (on warranty). 

Throughout this episode Bernard remained professional, friendly and focused on the task at hand. I want to say I am very happy Peugeot has great staff like Bernard! It makes me feel proud owning a Peugeot.

Mr Low Chee Wee, Peugeot 308 owner

Jacqueline was not pushy and patient with customer. One particular salesperson, Apollo, who ran through with me on the features of the car we test drove, was very knowledgeable and even shared his experience maintaining his own Peugeot.

Mr Chan Chee Gid (Chen Zhijie), Peugeot 5008 owner

It’s a privilege to have been served by Darren and Peugeot is blessed to have an honest and responsible service advisor like him. He never hard-sell any of the products or services which could bring him commission or extra income. I wish everyone can aspire to be as positive and customer orientated like him and definitely it would make any Peugeot car owners’ experiences a joy.

Mr Kum Wai Kit, Peugeot 308 owner 

Hi, first time switching from Japanese car to Continental car and had one of the best buying experience, served by Cheryl. Her response was prompt, full of understanding and patience. Personally I thought the flexible sales model adopted by Peugeot (upper management), must have created a less competitive environment for the sales agent to provide a wonderful experience for us buyers (as compared to my previous observation with other authorised dealers). Thus, keep up the good work!

Mr Ke Zhuang Wei, Peugeot 5008 owner 

Clement has been an excellent advisor for accident claim.  

He has a fantastic knowledge about end-to-end process and guided me well throughout the claim process. He coordinated with insurance agency for the claim and clearly communicated the tasks expected from me. He understood my requirements for a 7-seater replacement car and helped arrange it when my car was in repair at workshop.

Mr Dhiraj Bablani, Peugeot 5008 owner 

I would like to commend the help provided by Clement. Not only does he have a good professional customer orientated attitude, he genuinely looks after our vehicle during its repairs, with frequent updates, and always ensuring our needs or queries were met. 

The vehicle repair process has been very smooth, and the outcome testament to his attention to detail.” 

Dr Paul Wong, Peugeot 5008 owner 

“ Mr Zayne's courteous approach and the options that he will try to remove the scratch mark by polishing otherwise, we need to discuss on next appropriate method was very welcoming. I came to your workshop with so much of anxiety as to whether the scratch mark which is about 10cm long can be resolved/removed, but, with the manner of Zayne's handling this matter with calmness, positivity, and willing to help is indeed commendable. 

Eventually he managed to remove the scratch mark by polishing, thus turning my new car to back to how it was when collecting it. 

Not forgetting, Thanks to Peugeot After Sales Service Dept for your fantastic support by accommodating the extra mile support to look into my matter, rather than brushing off my request claiming that it is my fault. ” 

Mr Peter Maridas, Peugeot 3008 owner

Zayne has go beyond extra mile to expedite the servicing so that I could fetch my son in time. He also follow-up aft the service to check whether I've any issue.

He was also the first to reach office in the early morning to attend to my need. He also provided comprehensive details of servicing package indicating what's need to change at 80,000km and 90,000KM

Lim Beng Heng, Peugeot 5008 owner

My servicing agent (Tan Wei Quan) had been fantastic in keeping me updated on a regular basis as the repair works were in progress, and I felt at ease knowing he was doing his best to expedite the availability of my car, given I was in a hurry to get it back for important assignments.

I would like to thank him for the awesome and professional customer service” 

Barrett Chong Sen Lit, Peugeot 508 owner