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“Good and prompt service by Chris.”


Mr Budisanto Ali, Peugeot 308SW owner

- 23 Nov 2019


“Darren is very responsive and prompt to our requests”


Mr Kwok Leng Shum Kim, Peugeot 3008 owner

- 23 Oct 2019

“Always good to work with Bernard. Thanks.”


Mr Lim Choon Howe Daniel, Peugeot 308 owner

- 7 Oct 2019


“Sathi is very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable assistance rendered.”

Mr Mohamed Ibrahim Bin Abu Salih, Peugeot 308 owner

- 7 Oct 2019


“Excellent service from Bernard and he is courteous & polite.”


Mr Marcus Lee Robert, Peugeot 3008 owner

- 27 Sep 2019


“Bernard is reliable, responsible and has an honest attitude.”


Mr Lim Thiam Kwee, Pegueot 5008 owner

- 24 Sep 2019


“Christopher is very helpful and patient to attend to my needs.”


Mr Kwok Yew Nam, Pegueot 3008 owner

- 23 Sep 2019

“Christopher is very helpful & cheerful.”


Mr Koh Khian Hwee Vincent, Peugeot 5008 owner

- 23 Sep 2019

“Bernard is a reliable and honest service advisor.”


Mr Suhirman Bin Jufri, Peugeot 308SW owner

- 23 Sep 2019

“Very helpful personnel from Peugeot Service Engineer to the insurance office Simon Koh. Simon helped tremendously in the entire process.”


Mr Koh Kaddy, Peugeot 5008 owner

- 27 Aug 2019


“All promises are delivered. Great customer service by Melody and Simon.”


Thomson Catering & Enterprises Pte Ltd, Peugeot 3008 owner

- 17 Aug 2019

“Bernard is very helpful and professional. Thanks. Keep up the great work.”


Mr Ngen Poh Thong,Matthew, Peugeot 5008 owner

- 8 Aug 2019


“As always, Darren is very helpful and professional in your work and advice. Thank you.”


Mr Teo Chee Piao (Zhang Zhibiao), Peugeot 3008 owner

- 7 Aug 2019

“Mr Bernard is the Man. Very happy with his customer services. Very knowledgeable. Thank you Mr Bernard.”


Mr Aminuddin Bin Abu, Peugeot 3008 owner

- 5 Aug 2019


“Christopher was a good CSA, who had explained about the service offered and was very polite.”


Mr Malempati Sreeram, Peugeot 3008 owner

- 2 Aug 2019



“Mr Simon was professional, helpful with excellent service. I am satisfied with the entire service.”


Ms Leong Chew Lai, Peugeot 2008 owner

- 2 Aug 2019

“Cheerful & diligent CSA, Wei Quan. Good job!”

Ms Lee May Nee, Peugeot 3008 owner
- 26 Jul 2019

“Great help n service from Christopher... Good EQ in terms of handling customer.”

Mr Tan Ying Zheng (Chen Yingzheng), Peugeot 3008 owner
- 25 Jul 2019

“Bernard is an excellent consultant. I will recommend him to all customers who come to Peugeot.”

Mr Teo Sher Ming, Peugeot 308 owner
- 24 Jul 2019

“Customer Service Advisor, Sathi is very professional in handling customer’s car issue. He is knowledgeable in explaining and provide alternatives for exploration to resolve issues.

“Darren Wang is a professional SA, good attitude, good knowledge.”

Mr Chin Chai Ren, Peugeot 308SW owner
- 29 Dec 2018

“I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to Mr Victor of Peugeot Singapore. As a first-time car buyer, Victor's sincere and honest attitude dissolves all the horror stories about empty promises and eventual disappointment that I've read online. Throughout the whole process from the first time we stepped into the showroom till the day of handing over the vehicle, Victor was responsive, friendly and provided updates on a very timely basis to quell all the anxiety that I faced. Victor emphasized that his service not only ends on the day of car delivery but will also continue to serve us after that and in his line, after sales is what will determine whether the car buyers go back to him; just for a peaceful and happy car buying experience. Thank you, Victor! I will definitely look for you again when I purchase my next car.”

Mr Mok Shaowei (Mo Shaowei), Peugeot 308 owner
- 29 Dec 2018

“Ms Corina Sim is very patience, cheerful, pay great attention to her client interest.”

Mdm Cheong Wai Fun, Peugeot 308SW owner
- 26 Dec 2018

“First time patronizing Peugeot and the service standard is way above my expectations. Sales people (Mandy Law) are more patience and courteous. Keep it up!”

Mr Lum Siak Shoong, Peugeot 5008 owner
- 26 Dec 2018

“I would like to commend my Customer Service Advisor, Mr Tan Wei Quan for his very courteous, helpful and timely updates and suggestions.”

Dr Yap Christopher Robert, Peugeot 308SW owner
- 26 Dec 2018

“Christopher has extended his service by remembering when my last polishing services was and recommended me to indicate polishing on my next scheduled servicing to keep my car shiny on the road. Thanks, Christopher in providing such utmost customer services. Keep up the good work.”

Mr Tay Choon Ngee Dean (Zheng Junyi, Dean), Peugeot 208 owner
- 21 Dec 2018

“My CSA Mr Tan Wei Quan has been very attentive to ensure I am completely comfortable and confident in the services that the company and her staff provide, thank you Wei Quan.”

Mr Yeo Boon Khiang, Peugeot 508 owner
- 21 Dec 2018

“Christopher was most helpful, answering my Whataspp queries although i was away and being 5h behind Singapore, he ensured that i was always kept fully updated on the status of my car.”

Ms Haryani Binte Mohamad Jaafar, Peugeot 3008 owner
- 15 Dec 2018

“Advisor Wei Quan provided excellent level of service and I am very pleased with his service rendered.”

Mr Boo Kiah Wee (Wu Jiawei), Peugeot 308SW owner
- 4 Dec 2018

“I appreciate the timely services from Chris; and the additional information on this service.”

Mr Hung Woon Che @Kung Woon Che, Peugeot 508 owner
- 3 Dec 2018

“Had 2 visits to Peugeot Service Centre. I was being served by both Jonathan and Bernard. Both of them had provided me with the best service experience i have. I like to thank them for their effort and service that every customer desire.”

Mr Justin Lau Ter Yong, Peugeot Partner owner
- 2 Dec 2018

“Chris, did an excellent job in following up on repairs, answered all my questions and helpful in giving me updates on the repairs duration. Thank you, Chris!”

Mr Sarabjit Singh S/O Harbans Singh, Peugeot 5008 owner
- 2 Dec 2018

“Bernard has always been my favorite Service Advisor when coming for servicing. He pays attention to many little details. Ensures to go through the exterior of my vehicle before taking in for servicing, highlight recommended additional service works at each milestone, charges conveyed clearly, keeping timely updates to collect my vehicle and even followed up call 2 days after I collected my vehicle. Keep up the good work Bernard!”

Mr Ong Jenn Shyan, Peugeot 5008 owner
- 27 Nov 2018

“Wei Quan was the only advisor that bothered to get into my car (without me requesting) to understand the problem my car was having (aircon and clutch). Excellent advice provided, timely updates on status as well. He should be the model that every other advisor follows.”

Mr Lai Zhenhao, Peugeot 5008 owner
- 22 Nov 2018

“I was very happy with Darren services and quick responses. He was very prompt with the arrangement and updates. Not my first time with derrick services and he has maintained a very commendable service and client management standards. Keep it up Darren!!!”

Mr Yong Chet Fui, Peugeot 508 owner
- 22 Nov 2018

“Bernard was very helpful, knowledgeable and responsive.”

Dr Wong Kai Yee, Peugeot 3008 owner
- 21 Nov 2018

“Justin Guo has made an incredible service experience despite being disappointed in the Long lead time of 2 weeks for the repair.”

Mr Raphael Nyoe Song Sue, Peugeot 308 owner
- 16 Nov 2018

“Darren is a reliable advisor. Please recognize his work on my behalf.”

Mr Lam Soon Fook Kevin, Peugeot RCZ owner
- 8 Nov 2018

“Darren provided a very good customer service. Good job!”

Mr Lee Huan Ching (Li Huanqing), Peugeot 508 owner
- 8 Nov 2018

“I am very happy with the performance and reliability of the car as well as the service that my service advisor Christopher Joy provides. He has always been professional, polite, patient and ready (and able) to answer my questions.”

Mr Chan Kwan Yew, Peugeot 308SW owner
- 7 Nov 2018

“Christopher is very approachable and helpful in clarifying my doubts about my car's servicing needs. He takes time to explain clearly and even breaks it down in layman terms to make sure I understand.”

Mdm Lailtha D/O Savathan, Peugeot 2008 owner
- 2 Nov 2018

“Today i have 4 Ford cars and more than 10 years i have visited Regent Motor for car maintenances and repaired works. I want to say the services are good and the advisors + technicians are professional. I appreciate the passion from the receptionist to help and the good assistance from service advisor, Justin.”

Mr Ng Yih Ming, Ford Focus owner
- 2 Nov 2018

“Bought my Peugeot 2008 in this early July and attended by Joan Ang. Despite on medical leave she took the time to handle my transaction & deal with professionalism & patience. 4 months down the road, she reminded me of my next service including my frequent questions that she dealt professionally.”

Mr Fong Chor Chee, Peugeot 2008 owner
- 2 Nov 2018

“Darren is knowledgeable in terms of the machine’s specs and details. Great advice was given by him as well.”

Mr Ng Di Hui, Peugeot 3008 owner
- 1 Nov 2018

“Christopher is very clear and helpful but there were some limitations. He identifies the fault of "Airbag or seat belt tensioner faulty" alarm but could not solve the problem due to parts being unavailable. However, he managed to order for me and inform me the parts are arriving on 10/11. This is something out of the ordinary. I really appreciate it.”

 Mr Zaw Htun Naung, Peugeot 3008 owner
- 30 Oct 2018

“Mr. Bernard is very professional service advisor, he can understand what customer need and help the customer to settle the problems on time.”

 Mr Tu Lifan Michael, Peugeot 3008 owner
- 28 Oct 2018

“Tan Wei Quan has been the most enthusiastic and professional SA I have met for the past 3 years of owning a Peugeot. Keep it up, Wei Quan.”

 Mr Lee Kim Boon Tommy, Peugeot 3008 owner
- 22 Oct 2018

“Darren has provided me an excellent car servicing service.”

 Mr Low Chern Dar, Jackson (Liu Zhengda), Peugeot 3008 owner
- 20 Oct 2018

“Tan is a good service manager who helped me expedited my car repair for the roof shades and engine part replacement and kept me updated on the progress diligently.”

 Ms Lim Chuan Kee, Peugeot 308SW owner
- 20 Oct 2018

“Service Advisor, Darren was sincere & friendly. Explained things in detail & knowledgeable.”

Mr Suhirman Bin Jufri, Peugeot 308SW owner
- 18 Oct 2018

“The SA Mr Tan Wei Quan was good in his service and update on the following matters that i face with the issue, he even makes extra step to check with the mechanic to follow up with the question on the gearbox issue.”

Ms Tan Kim Yen (Chen Jinyan), Peugeot 3008 owner
- 16 Oct 2018

“I am extremely satisfied with the services provided by the CSA Mr Tan Wei Quan and Mr Wang P-Fatt, they are professional, approachable, responsible and caring. The waiting area is spacious and comfortable, except for the aircon is a bit of too cold. Your Receptionists are well trained, friendly, polite and warm.

“Bernard helped to verify if the car came with free servicing, because it was not reflected in the computer system. I am very pleased that he helped to double-check.”

Mr Sze Toh Khai Munn, Peugeot 5008 owner
- 26 Dec 2017

“Chris is always honest and helpful with his advice regarding my car. He understands the concerns I have, and has consistently delivered excellence.”

Mr Lee Deming (Li Deming), Peugeot 408 owner
- 25 Dec 2017

“I am completely satisfied with Darren's customer service, and have gained new knowledge about the workings of the car and engine. Keep up the good work!”

Mdm Suhaimah Binte Abdul Rahaman, Peugeot 508 owner
- 25 Dec 2017

“Jacqueline is a patient and understanding salesperson who went out of her way to meet our needs.”

Mdm Tan Wei Ling (Chen Weilin), Peugeot 308SW owner
- 25 Dec 2017

“I express my gratitude to Mr David, and especially to Mr Max, for the hard work and positive attitude. How wonderful life is while they are in Quick Lane. Thumbs up!”

Mr Leung Tung Teng, Peugeot 3008 owner
- 23 Dec 2017

“Service Consultant Bernard was accommodating and prompt in expediting the repair work.”


Mdm Foo Yit Ling (Hu Yueling), Peugeot 5008 owner
- 23 Dec 2017

“Vivian is a very dedicated Sales Personnel, who made me feel very comfortable. I had earlier chosen the Citroen c4GP over the 5008 due to the lack of a third row fan and paddle shift. She continued to update me about the new 3008 model, a model that met my needs concerning my second car. Impressed with her service, I recommended the 5008 to my friend, and sold my second car to buy the 3008. Hats off to this very polite and efficient saleslady. Cheers and God bless her! Thanks.”


Ms Foo Li Li, Peugeot 3008 owner
- 22 Dec 2017

“My advisor, Darren, provides very good service. Thanks.”


Mr Chen Xiaojie, Peugeot 308SW owner
- 21 Dec 2017

“Customer Service Advisor Joseph has been most helpful and has shown initiative in addressing the repair issue. Together with his team, they handled their job professionally, to the best of their knowledge and abilities. Joseph is always understanding and kind, especially in expediting the repair work, causing minimal inconvenience due to the loss of use of my vehicle. He communicates well and is always very reassuring. I am most confident in having Joseph and his team handle the regular maintenance and repairs for my vehicle.”


Mr Lu Pak Sum, Peugeot 5008 owner
- 18 Dec 2017

“Darren did a great job at keeping me updated on the servicing and answering my questions.”

Mr Clarence Liau Sze Ming, Peugeot 508 owner
- 18 Dec 2017

“Christopher, the Service Advisor, is outstanding.”


Mr Howe Chee Mun Raymond, Peugeot 308SW owner
- 18 Dec 2017

“Advisor Christopher was very efficient and responsive.”


Mr Sarabjit Singh S/O Harbans Singh, Peugeot 5008 owner
- 17 Dec 2017

“Joseph has been my Sales Assistant right from the start. It will be good to have this continuation so that we have a good rapport on future service.”


Mr Lim Chor Phong, Peugeot 308 owner
- 16 Dec 2017

“Thanks to Darren Wang and his team who have done a good job in maintaining my car in a good condition and performance.”

Mr Lai Pok Sing, Peugeot 308 owner
- 16 Dec 2017

“I am writing this piece to compliment your Customer Service Advisor (CSA) Mr Joseph Tan Chit King after sending my car for regular servicing recently on 27/11/2017, and to express my appreciation to him for the excellent service I received. It is particularly necessary for me to do so, given the previous unhappiness received in the wake of servicing by other CSAs.

…this time round, after my car underwent servicing rendered by CSA Mr Joseph Tan, I am satisfied. He also managed to fix the lingering problem from the previous servicing, and other problems I didn’t even notice…”


Mr Zheng Kun, Peugeot 308 owner
- 15 Dec 2017

“I recognise Christopher as one that helps and advices customers on what needs to be done, and one that always keeps a cool smile when dealing with customers. Thanks.”


Mr Chia Chin Wah, Peugeot 5008 owner
- 13 Dec 2017

“Christopher was very professional throughout the entire servicing, providing sound and trustworthy technical and commercial advice each time. Well done Christopher, keep it up!”


Mr Koh Seng Mong (Xu Shengmao), Peugeot 5008 owner
- 8 Dec 2017

“Darren Wong is dedicated to his job. I'm pleased with his service rendered to me.”


Mr Zheng Weisheng, Peugeot 3008 owner
- 3 Dec 2017

“Service Advisor, Bernard Tuazon, did a very good job to resolve all issues with the car.”


Mr Kevin Chia Wan Nam, Peugeot 508 owner
- 2 Dec 2017

“I appreciate the Customer Service arm for actually following up. This comes as a surprise when most surveys I’ve done were not followed up on. First of all, please let me commend these two personnel for their customer-oriented service. It is because of staff like them, that your customer service serves as an important edge over your competitors. They are Andrew (Sales Consultant) and Chris (Aftersales Customer Service).

Andrew has been very helpful all the way, from the test drive to the very prompt follow-ups. Unlike horror stories about Sales Consultants where they choose to ignore your problems after the sales agreement have been signed, Andrew has been very helpful throughout, even when I returned to him with problems such as a stain on the moonroof cover.

Chris is the latest face of Peugeot I’ve encountered. Despite facing unreasonable customers (I’d seen how one raised his voice at Chris), he amazes me with how he continued to use a patient tone to address the unreasonable customer, before professionally telling me that my issues are being followed up on.

Thumbs up to these amazing staff! Please reward them because they help Peugeot retain their excellent reputation!”

Mr Lim Yeow Kiam, Peugeot 308SW owner
- 29 Nov 2017

“My Service Advisor Mr Joseph professionally handles my car’s faulty problems. Thank you Mr Joseph.”

Mr Aminuddin Bin Abu, Peugeot 3008 owner
- 27 Nov 2017

“I am writing in to compliment one of your Customer Service Advisors, Mr Joseph Tan. On 17 November 2017, when I had my vehicle sent in for servicing, I had a very good experience and received good service from Joseph. He is very helpful, friendly and patient, and took a good initiative in explaining and solving my car problems. Once again, thank you Joseph for your good service.”


Mr Chen Keng Leong, Peugeot 3008 owner
- 27 Nov 2017

“The car had some problems, including a scratch that had been touched up and a part of the car that has been very poorly cleaned. Joan, the service staff, has been very helpful throughout, although the experience would have been better if the car was in excellent condition on collection.”

Mr Tan Boon Chuan Benjamin, Peugeot 508 owner
- 26 Nov 2017

“Joseph Tan was very patient and helped me manage the work that was needed to be done on my car, while keeping the cost low.”

Ms Yeo Soo Ling, Peugeot 3008 owner
- 24 Nov 2017

“Nathan is a friendly, reasonable and professional salesperson.”

Mr Lee Kok Pun, Peugeot 508 owner
- 15 Nov 2017

“Bernard is polite and professional.”

Mr Lee Tai Wai David, Peugeot 5008 owner
- 14 Nov 2017

“Service Advisor Darren Wang was very helpful and always tried his best to help.”


Mr Gan Hock Hua, Peugeot 508 owner
- 9 Nov 2017

“Bernard is my Service Advisor who has handled my problems professionally and is very helpful. The car drop service is convenient as I can leave the car after normal office hours.”

Mr Victor Lee Chia Shen, Peugeot 308SW owner
- 9 Nov 2017

“My experience with Jacqueline Lim has been a delight! When I was skeptical about Peugeot cars after hearing bad episodes from previous owners, she waited patiently and provided the relevant information to convince me to get the 3008. When she learnt that my old car was scrapped earlier and I was without transport, she helped to expedite the delivery of the new car. Even though it was a week before the estimated delivery, I really appreciated the effort she was willing to put forth. About 2 weeks after I collected my car, my car failed due to software issues, and she quickly arranged a servicing date for me before she went on her leave. She is always ready to help when it’s needed. Darren from customer service is also commendable. So far, my experience with these 2 has been good and it helps to put me at ease with regard to my choice of picking Peugeot. Thank you.”

Ms Leong Nancy, Peugeot 3008 owner
- 7 Nov 2017

“Consistent personalised services were rendered to me by my service advisor, Bernard, during my entire Peugeot ownership experience.”

Mr Foo Tchen Yeong, Peugeot RCZ owner
- 7 Nov 2017

“Joseph's service is exemplary and he tried his best to attend to all my concerns.”

Mr Ho Kai Choe, Peugeot 308 owner
- 6 Nov 2017

“Service Advisor, Bernard, was very thorough with the follow-up of my car. He understands my needs and is able to advise accordingly. He is not someone who is just trying to push sales. I am really pleased to have an advisor like him.”

Mr Mohamed Sahren Bin Mohamed Salleh, Peugeot 5008 owner
- 5 Nov 2017

“My name is Chris, owner of a Peugeot 308 SW, who received it in early July. I know I’m not the easiest customer to handle, but for Joseph, I shall make an effort to write in and complement him on doing a good job. He has displayed exemplary service ever since 2 weeks after receiving my vehicle, to the recent verification of my feedback. He has been a good listener and has been following up closely with me regarding a change in a faulty part. Kindly relay my message to him for his effort. Good job! Thanks.”

Mr Ho Han Meng Christopher, Peugeot 308SW owner
- 1 Nov 2017

“Christopher Joy did a great job at explaining the situation to me, and the follow-up done was exceptional. Thank you!”

Mr Yong Tet Yun Alan, Peugeot 308 owner
- 30 Oct 2017

“Thanks Joseph for your great customer service. His follow-up call is great.”

Mr Tan Hua Meng, Peugeot 5008 owner
- 30 Oct 2017

“Kristina Choy was patient, handled my transaction professionally and made my family feel at ease at all times. The Service Advisor, Bernard Tuazon, was also helpful in solving our problems.”

Mr Victor Lee Chia Shen, Peugeot 308SW owner
- 30 Oct 2017

“Mr David is the right person for the company. I believe that a company is not a company without the right person. Well done. It is the attitude that matters the most. He treated it like his own business, and not just a job. I am most impressed!”

Mr Leung Tung Teng, Peugeot 3008 owner
- 29 Oct 2017

“Service Advisor Joseph Tan provided me with a very good piece of advice.”

Mr Ong Soon Hian, Peugeot 3008 owner
- 28 Oct 2017

“Joseph was excellent in his follow-up. He was meticulous and clear.”

Ms Leong Siew San Anna, Peugeot 5008 owner
- 24 Oct 2017

“Kudos to Service Advisor, Darren Wang, who has been taking care of me ever since I sent my car for its first servicing. His friendly and professional manner makes an inconvenient event much more pleasant.”

Mr Li Ansen William, Peugeot 5008 owner
- 24 Oct 2017

 “Darren is helpful and prompt in responding.”

Mr Low Chern Dar Jackson, Peugeot 5008 owner
- 22 Oct 2017

“Service Advisor Bernard Cano Tuazon was quick to resolve my car issues during service appointments. I have had the 508 for almost 2 years, and am completely satisfied with the car and the after-sales service.”

Mr Kevin Chia Wan Nam, Peugeot 508 owner
- 22 Oct 2017

“Darren Wang is well-versed in his knowledge about Peugeot cars, and can answer my questions almost immediately.”

Mr Seet Tiat Huat, Peugeot 5008 owner
- 22 Oct 2017

“Customer Service Advisor Christopher managed to expedite the work to my car which was originally planned to take 2-3 weeks, as parts were not available. Christopher managed to get the relevant parts from the Peugeot store in Ubi to restore my car within 3 days. I was elated to hear that my car was ready so soon. Fantastic work by Peugeot and Christopher!”

Mr Jonalis Bin Kamis, Peugeot 308 owner
- 15 Oct 2017

“Ms Kristina Choy has been exemplary as a Sales Advisor representing AutoFrance, and I am very pleased with her level of service and professionalism. This is my first Peugeot, and both the vehicle and the level of service have far exceeded my expectations.”

Mr Lau Yong Chang (Liu Yongqiang), Peugeot 308 owner
- 12 Oct 2017

“I am very much impressed with Mr Aruvi’s guidance. He has indeed presented a positive attitude. This is something I strongly believe in. This is the best support I have received. Thumbs up!”

Mr Leung Tung Teng, Peugeot 3008 owner
- 12 Oct 2017

“My initial appointment was made via an online booking. I was trying to change my appointment to another date, but the online system did not allow me to do so. I eventually made the change through your hotline customer service staff. I can't recall her name, but I appreciate her help very much!

Service Advisor Joseph has done a good job in solving my car issues and providing progressive updates regarding my car service status.”

Mr Lim Chin Boon, Peugeot 3008 owner
- 5 Oct 2017

“I would like to thank Joan Ang for her excellent service.”

Mr Ng Teo Him, Peugeot 3008 owner
- 1 Oct 2017

“Bernard Cano Tuazon is a customer-oriented Service Advisor and knows his job and car details well.”

 Daimler Fleet Management, Peugeot 5008 owner
- 1 Oct 2017

“Would like to take this opportunity to compliment Mr Darren Wang. I had sent in my Peugeot 3008 car for servicing and repair on 5 Oct 2017. My Wang and his team had done a great job for my car. Darren will not overpromise but over-delivers instead. My car feels new again. I have started to enjoy driving my Peugeot again. Good work Darren! Thank you and have a wonderful day.”

Mr Teo Chee Piao (Zhang Zhibiao), Peugeot 3008 owner
 - 1 Oct 2017

 “Christopher was patient and explained the details of the repair, though I’m quite disappointed with the quality and cost of maintenance that I have incurred. Overall, he has done a great job on his part.”

Mr Zainuren Bin Ramli, Peugeot 5008 owner
- 29 Sep 2017

“Compliments to Bernard for responding to my Whatsapp and impromptu service request.”

Ms Hong Pei Ying Janice, Peugeot 5008 owner
- 28 Sep 2017

“Great effort by Darren to have acceded to my request to complete servicing early in order for me to collect the car, and attend to an urgent last-minute meeting. I was prompted by Darren to extend 6 more servicing sessions at a better rate, as my current servicing package is left with 1 last servicing session.”

Ms Ng Hwei Chern, Peugeot 3008 owner
- 24 Sep 2017

“Mr Darren Wang is efficient, well-versed in his work, and very attentive to details...”

Mr Seet Tiat Huat, Peugeot 5008 owner
- 21 Sep 2017

“Excellent service from Darren with his experienced advice.”

Mr Tan Kian Siong (C J), Peugeot 508 owner
- 17 Sep 2017

“I am the owner of a Peugeot 308, and have been attended to by Joseph for services and repairs, most recently on 13 Sep 2017. I would like to compliment Joseph for his good service. He ensures all complaints are looked into, and will take time to explain every single concern to me. He is definitely an asset to the company and an excellent example for good services. He can help to make a customer's frustrating experience with the car more bearable. Thanks!”

Ms Teo Gia Huey (Zhao Jiahui), Peugeot 308 owner
- 15 Sep 2017

“We would like to thank Bernard for his dedication, for going the extra mile with his services, and for advising us whenever we sent our car for routine services.”

Ms Kaltom Binte Tawan, Peugeot 408 owner
- 14 Sep 2017

“Bernard has always gone above and beyond to help whenever he can.”

Mr Teo Chee Chuan, Peugeot 508SW owner
- 9 September 2017

“Darren is helpful and good. Thanks”

Mr Tan Hee Kiang, Peugeot 3008 owner
- 1 September 2017

“Joseph attended to me. He was very detailed and service-oriented. Overall experience at AutoFrance was excellent and I look forward to my next service appointment!”

Mr Chan Zhaohao,Charles Yiptong, Peugeot 308 owner
 - 1 September 2017

"The advisor is professional and able to explain the technical detail when I have queries."

Mr Lee Chee Seng, Peugeot 5008 owner
- 31 Aug 2017

"Joseph Tan, the service advisor, was polite, kept to the appointment time and advised me on what needed to be changed after one year (20,000km, although in my case the mileage after one year was only 12,000 plus km). He was very professional in his approach and polite. It is for this reason that I requested him as my service advisor when making the online booking. The one thing he should have done is to inform me what parts may be needed to be serviced or changed at the next visit, to better prepare the customer. But I am very satisfied with his service."

Mr Suppiah Yogendran, Peugeot 508 owner
- 28 Aug 2017

"Excellent follow up service from Joseph."

Mr Amirul Akhbar Bin Mohamad, Peugeot 206 owner
- 27 Aug 2017

"My SA, Joseph is professional and patient to answer my questions and explained the scope of works to be performed before the servicing."

Mr Ang Ee Kiat, Peugeot 308 owner
- 25 Aug 2017

"Eva who she addressed herself on few occasions when I called the hotline service to enquire assistance was very professional in her customer service. She has a happy, active, engagement voice that allow customer like myself open to communicate with her. She assisted me in my requests and politely apologize for why I did not get response. Very good service from Eva. Thank You so much."

Mr Wong Wing Kwong, Peugeot 408 owner
- 25 Aug 2017

"I would like to commend Bernard Tuazon for being a wonderful service advisor. Even though I had booked my service and repair appointments online, he has always called to confirm the appointment, as well as inquired on condition of vehicle. I found that to be above the call of duty. I had serviced my previous vehicle (Renault) with Wearnes Automotive for 10 years, and was worried that switch to Vantage Automotive might result in drop with service standards. Turns out I was wrong about quality of service advisors at Vantage."

Mr Tang Chi Lin Eric, Peugeot 508 owner
- 24 Aug 2017

"CSO Joseph Tan is very attentive, diligent and proactive. Able to communicate with."

Mr Tan Soon Chin Peugeot 3008 owner
- 23 Aug 2017

"Service advisor is Darren Wang. I had prior experience with other, So far, Darren is the best. He is professional, get the things done, and pleasant and customer focused attitude. Please convey my regards to him."

Mr Gan Yee Khoon, Peugeot 508 owner
- 22 Aug 2017

"Sales personnel Mandy gave good sales and after sales service."

Mr Fan Foo Wah, Peugeot 3008 owner
- 17 Aug 2017

"My compliments to Joseph for coordinating the servicing for me as I needed the car for a special event in the day after the servicing, he ensured that the car was made to look good and drive good for me. His professionalism in putting customer needs first amazes me!! Thanks Joseph!"

Mr Stanley Szeto, Peugeot 3008 owner
- 14 Aug 2017

"Although I had to send my brand new car down 3 times for the same issue, I am glad to say they finally manage to resolve the issue on the 3rd appointment. Good effort from SA (Joseph) for his concern and due attention on getting the problem fixed."

Mr Ong Kheng Leong, Peugeot 308SW owner
- 11 Aug 2017

"Kudos to Bernard for the great experience"

Mr Pang Hoke Woei, Peugeot 3008 owner
- 7 Aug 2017

"Great sales rep, Willey was professional and engaging."

Mr Ang Kim Whatt, Gary (Wang Jinfa), Peugeot 308SW owner
- 6 Aug 2017

"The SA (Chris) was very satisfactory, and I'd like to also thank Mr. Mohamed Shabir for his professional help and work."

Mr Jerald Yoo, Peugeot 308SW owner
- 4 Aug 2017

"Really appreciated Shabir's professional support and availability to answer questions, even though Ramadan. Thank you!"

Ms Maneth Michelle Renee, Peugeot 308SW owner
- 31 July 2017

"Very patient employee and always try to explain the works that have been done."

Mdm Koh Puay Eng, Peugeot 308SW owner
- 31 July 2017

"Good job done by Service Advisor - Darren Wang"

Mr Toh Hong Chin, Peugeot 5008 owner
- 31 July 2017

"Fantastic help & support from Advisor, Guoxiang."

Mr Jonathan Damian Poh Eng Wan, Peugeot 308SW owner
- 31 July 2017

"Bernard and Darren had attended to my car very well and provide satisfactory service."

Mr Tan Boon Siong, Peugeot 5008 owner
- 30 July 2017

"Jacqueline's service is excellent. Her service delivery was beyond my expectation and I'm truly blessed to have her as my sales consultant. Thanks Jacq!"

Mr Chong Hoi Sun, Peugeot 308SW owner
- 30 July 2017

"Frankly speaking, in service industry, it is the person who makes the best company. Agreed fully. Bernard Sir, is the "only one" that I am fully satisfied with since he served. Thumb up! Bingo! Congrats to AutoFrance. Win win win status. Thank you for the fullest support, I saluted!"

Mr Leung Tung Teng, Peugeot 3008 owner
- 27 July 2017

"Excellent update on status of work and follow-up call after vehicle was collected by Joseph."

Mr Wong Kim Fei, Peugeot 3008 owner
- 24 July 2017

"Appreciate all that has been done since I bought it and the job done was good and all my appt. are on time and I was well informed of the job to be carried out by Joseph when I was at the Dept."

Alef Resources Pte Ltd, Peugeot Partner owner
- 23 July 2017

"Joseph Tan is very knowledgeable and helpful. Keep up with your good works Joseph!"

Mr Neo Aik Koon, Peugeot 3008 owner
- 21 July 2017

"Had my car for servicing under different advisor and I must say Joseph did a superb job. He had provided an excellent service experience and he is really friendly, informative and meticulous with positive attitude. Joseph was the only service advisor that provided an after service follow up after a week. Thank you Joseph for doing a great job. Thumbs up."

Mr Lee Kin Sang, Peugeot 5008 owner
- 9 July 2017

"Excellent from beginning. Thanks for the professional service of Mr Shabir."

Mr Mohamed Zain Bin Haji Affandi, Peugeot 3008 owner
- 30 June 2017

"Great job to Darren as always."

Mr Chua Bor-Seng Shaun, Peugeot 3008 owner
- 27 June 2017

"Chris has been very responsible in looking into the safety and maintenance of my vehicle."

Mr Sarabjit Singh, Peugeot 5008 owner
- 26 June 2017

"Christopher has given me detailed information prior to the replacement of the blower and also provided me advice on the maintenance of the Air Con. Great job and thanks Christopher for the services provided."

Mr Tay Choon Ngee Dean, Peugeot 208 owner
- 17 June 2017

"Thank You Joseph for his good customer service"

Mr Wong Wing Kwong, Peugeot 408 owner
- 17 June 2017

"I have been sending my car (Peugeot 207) regularly for servicing at your service centre for the last 6 years and have been assisted by various Customer Service Advisors. However, Mr. Bernard Cano Tuazon stood out for being marvelously consistent in providing professional advice and services every time I bring my car in for servicing and minor assistance. Please convey my appreciation to him and kudos for having a very professional and service oriented team in your service centre."

Ms Kan Siew Lian Margaret, Peugeot 207 owner
- 16 June 2017

"Excellent service as ever by Darren"

Mr Ridzuan Bin Salim, Peugeot 5008 owner
- 10 June 2017

"Chris Joy is always very helpful, reliable and responsive to helping out with unexpected new mechanical problems. Gets the car in quickly and gets it fixed."

Mr Matthew Edward Cove, Peugeot 508 SW owner
- 9 June 2017

"Service advisor Darren is exceptional."

Mr Augustin Chan, Peugeot 308 SW owner
- 5 June 2017

"Service advisor Nixon was very professional and helpful. Good after service follow up too."

Mr Peter Koh Hee Lam, Peugeot 308 owner
- 23 May 2017

"Excellent service from Joseph and the service team. Attentive and efficient."

Mr Wong Kim Fei, Peugeot 3008 owner
- 23 May 2017

"Lawrencce has really good knowledge about the cars and has given us good service."

Ms Shuhida Binte Zainol Abideen, Peugeot 5008 owner
- 22 May 2017

"Darren and his team did a good job and I'm very satisfied with the service."

Mdm Goh Wee Wang, Peugeot 308 SW owner
- 19 May 2017

"I'm very satisfied with the level of service and attention given to me by my service advisor Mr Wang P-Fatt."

Mr Tang Lun Kai Felix, Peugeot 5008 owner
- 18 May 2017

"I am a proud Peugeot owner and I have been sharing my experiences of owning this wonderful car with many friends. In fact 2 of my friends bought a 3008 and a 5008 after I introduced this car to them.
... After patiently listening to my issues, Joseph finally took in the car and arranged for it to be checked and repaired....
I would therefore like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the great customer service shown by the people at AutoFrance, especially CSO Joseph Tan and his team for following up with the issues. He has assured me that whatever need to be repaired or replaced were carried out."

Mr Tan Soon Chin, Peugeot 3008 owner
- 16 May 2017

"Great job Chris! I have come to expect nothing short of dedication in your high level of service."

Mr Sarabjit Singh S/O Harbans Singh, Peugeot 5008 owner
- 5 May 2017

"Zann Toh provided great service. She is patient, polite and professional, never pushy. Willing to go the extra mile for her customer. Valuable staff that you have there."

Mr Chan Kwan Yew, Peugeot 308SW owner
- 3 May 2017

"Service Advisor Mr Joseph is patient, gentle and took care of all my concerns about my car. Keep it up!"

Ms Wong Li-Ling Angeline, Peugeot 508 owner
- 1 May 2017

"I would like to compliment my Service advisor, Kelven was very professional, attentive and response well to all my queries. He will take time follow up and verify my complaints if any and call back to keep me updated. Good Job!"

Ms Elaine Chan Ai Noi, Ford Mondeo owner
- 1 May 2017

"Wish to thank Bernard who stayed on in the evening, AFTER business hours, to continue to offer support to my case, where a new battery was needed. He demonstrated resourcefulness, keen to help and certainly went the extra mile. Thanks to Bernard for his customer focus."

Mdm Quan Wai Yee, Peugeot 5008 owner
- 28 April 2017

"Good job! On the part of the Salesperson Joan. She went thru' thoroughly a >2h exercise with me and my family members on the day of the delivery. For that, kudos to Joan."

Mr Ho Kai Choe, Peugeot 308 owner
- 20 April 2017

"Did my car servicing over the weekend where I specifically selected Bernard as my CSO. He was the only CSO who left a deep impression for the impressive customer service I received there when I had my car servicing with Quicklane for my previous vehicle. When his name was one of the CSO I can select from the Peugeot online service appointment, it was an obvious choice.
He was very patient in explaining all the warranty coverage for my Peugeot which I was uncertain of, and assured that my vehicle is in good hands. While I waited at the lounge area for the servicing to be completed, he approached me and said that his engineer has found some issues. As Saturday was a half working day for the staff, he said i might have to come back on a weekday for the repair. Nevertheless, he still asked the engineer to try to repair within the short time frame.
Of course when I receive back my vehicle at the end of the half working day, the issues were fully rectified. Thanks Bernard for the coordination in ensuring the repair works finish during my servicing period, else I have to make a 2nd trip down to Peugeot again. A much more smoother ride after the servicing! Great job!
Highly motivated and committed CSO Bernard! Thanks to Peugeot for the great ride and customer service!"

Mr Ong Jenn Shyan, Peugeot 5008 owner
- 18 April 2017

"I would like to compliment Bernard CSA for his approach and the way he handles the customers queries. He is truly an asset for the company."

Mr Chandwani Pankaj Sunderdas, Peugeot 5008 owner
- 13 April 2017

"I am writing in with regards to the great experience I had with AutoFrance, with complimenting your staff named Willey. Willey was the sales adviser from enquiring of Peugeot cars till i purchased one. I would say Willey is very patient, detailed and technical person, he was able to answered my difficult technical questions. During the point of sales, Willey would even traveled to my location for documents signing. Up to date, after owning a Peugeot for half a year, Willey's Aftersales service is still great, he would always carry an extra mile in attending to me. Thumbs up Willey!
Overall, thank you for the excellent before and after sales experience. I would sure to look forward to engage Willey for my next car replacement."

Mr Lim Chong Pau (Lin Zongbao), Peugeot 308 owner
- 3 April 2017

"Would like to highlight the excellent service provided by Bernard. He proactively identified other related potential faults and rectify the faults. This is much appreciated."

Mr Pang Hoke Woei, Peugeot 3008 owner
- 30 March 2017

"Joseph was very forward-leaning, and helpful. He also was very communicative and gave me updates."

Mr Mark Visuvasum Emmanuel, Peugeot 3008 owner
- 29 March 2017

"I would like to affirmed your staff Bernard Cano Tuazon(Singapore) for outstanding explanations and answer to customers’ needs and queries. He understand under the customers’ needs and wants as a means to bring up the company values. He knows which technical to handle different areas and different parts of the vehicles. Mr Bernard Cano Tuazon is definitely an asset to the company. During my 3/4 day stay in the workshop, from what i have survey he is trying ensure that the customers’ needs are met as well as the bringing up the name of Peugeot. Most importantly most customers who deal with Mr Bernard Cano (Vehicle Advisor) is very pleased. I sincerely thank Mr Bernard Cano Tuazon for is service and attention to my car and my needs. If you lose this employee, Mt Bernard the company will lose out in Business."

Mr Sng Chee Sing Eugene, Peugeot 508 owner
- 29 March 2017

"Vivian Chin the salesperson I dealt with was extremely professional and at no point was she too pushy or aggressive in her approach. I would happily recommend Peugeot after both my experience with Vivian and how impressed I am with my 308 after the first 2 months."

Mr Joshua Sturt Colman, Peugeot 308 owner
- 28 March 2017

"Sales Consultant Wiley Yan is thoughtful and patience. Good service attitude. I am happy he helps to pair my mobile Bluetooth and setting for radio stations options. Touchscreen orientation good."

Ms Sim Sia Joo, Peugeot 308 owner
- 16 March 2017

"Mohd Shabir was very helpful and friendly and went out of his way to help coordinate repair and service of my car."

Mr Lian Cheng Boon, Peugeot 3008 owner
- 5 February 2017

"Service Advisor Joseph Tan is friendly and approachable. He is prompt to queries and makes one feel assured that the car is in good hands. Appreciate his efforts in ensuring that the car is expeditiously being repaired."

Mr Lim Cheng Leong, Peugeot 3008 owner
- 2 January 2017

"Great service from Willey Yan. Never pushy in sales and he made sure we had a full understanding of the car. I'm enjoying my ride and hopefully AutoFrance will continue to provide excellent service to its customers."

Ms Suraina Zakaria Boey, Peugeot 308 owner
- 2 January 2017

"Mr Lee Chew Chuan has been excellent from the start to the end of the warranty claims. Thanks for the fabulous service."

Mr Chua Kian Wee, Peugeot 5008 owner
- 29 November 2016

"Please take note that this is the second time I bought a Peugeot 3008 from AutoFrance. My previous car was also a Peugeot 3008 bought from another sales person..... when the car was handed over to me, Mandy Law took the effort to go through every features of the car with me although she is fully aware that I am a previous 3008 owner and there isn't much changes on the new car.

... Compliments to Mandy on her car knowledge and excellent service."

Mr Lim Eng Yeok, Peugeot 3008 owner
- 26 November 2016

"Chris Joy did a very good job keeping me informed and getting the problems investigated during the service. Identified requirement of new engine mounts, and dealt with the warranty with no problems."

Mr Matthew Edward Cove, Peugeot 508 owner
- 7 November 201

"My service advisor Mr Bernard Tuazon was great. He did a really good job with my car problems. As such I will not visit any other general workshop but return to AutoFrance for all my car needs. Well done Bernard."

Mr Lim Hock Huat, Peugeot 508 owner
- 6 November 2016

"A surprising high standard of service and customer attention this time around. Kudos!"

Mr Tan Chau Min Clifford, Peugeot 508 owner
- 6 November 2016

"Chris who handled my repairs was very helpful, most importantly contactable and provided timely updates regarding the status of my repairs. Keep up the good work! Thanks!"

Mr Tan Soong Yi, Peugeot 407 owner
- 5 November 2016

"Bernard Cano Tuazon of Peugeot is always helpful and smiley each time I visit Peugeot to service my Peugeot car. He is always cheerful and with his wide experience and good knowledge of Peugeot cars, he will always provide reasonable and good suggestions which I would usually heed. Lately, my car tyre punctured and was towed to Peugeot centre. He was there to provide great help and I feel very comfortable leaving my car in his hands. I would like to offer my great appreciation of this CSA, Bernard, thank you very much!"

Mr Chin Joo Chong, Peugeot 3008 owner
- 28 October 2016

"I would like to place on record on the excellent work by Christopher, my service advisor. He has been very informative and efficient in his work. Great job chris! Keep it up!"

Mr Sarabjit Singh S/O Harbans Singh, Peugeot 5008 owner
- 27 October 2016

"My family and I give the thumps-up to Jacqueline Lim for her excellent customer service rendered in my recent purchase of a Peugeot 5008.  She demonstrated in-depth knowledge in her advice every time my family and I had any questions and made the purchase of the car a very pleasant experience.

I was kept updated of my purchase from the time I booked my car till the delivery. I'm happy for AutoFrance to have such a dedicated Staff who provides excellent customer services. Kindly commend and convey to Jacqueline Lim our heartfelt thanks. Good job and keep it up!"

Mr Koh Khian Hwee Vincent, Peugeot 5008 owner
- 24 October 2016

"I would like to commend Mr Lee Chew Chuan from the motor insurance claim department for his outstanding service. He was very helpful in his advice on 12 October. As my rear windscreen is damaged and I still need my car for the next day, he went the extra mile to remove the glass debris and damaged windscreen and made a makeshift cover to enable me to drive.

On the next day, he offered and provided my transport to the nearest MRTS though he has no obligation to do so. He also updated me over SMS the status of the repair. These exemplary service beyond the call of duty should be encouraged and, I hope, duly recognized. Thanks!"

Mr Chua Kian Wee, Peugeot 5008 owner
-17 October 2016

"Joan Ang follows up very well. Goes the extra mile. Patient and polite. Pleasant and excellent service."

Mr Kevin Daniel Pillay, Peugeot 308 owner
- 14 October 2016

"Joan Ang provides great service, warm and friendly, like a relative."

Mr Kok Chuen Wah, Peugeot 5008 owner
- 10 October 2016

“Bernard Cano Tuazon of Peugeot is always helpful and smiley each time I visit Peugeot to service my Peugeot car. He is always cheerful and with his wide experience and good knowledge of Peugeot cars, he will always provide reasonable and good suggestions which I would usually heed. Lately, my car tyre punctured and was towed to Peugeot center.  He was there to provide great help and I feel very comfortable leaving my car in his hands.  I would like to offer my great appreciation of this CSA, Bernard, thank you very much!”

Mr Chin Joo Chong, Peugeot 3008 owner
- 28 October 2016

“I would like to commend Mr Lee Chew Chuan from the motor insurance claim department for his outstanding service. He was very helpful in his advice on 12 Oct. As my rear windscreen is damaged and I still need my car for the next day, he went the extra mile to remove the glass debris and damaged windscreen and made a makeshift cover to enable me to drive. On the next day, he offered and provided my transport to the nearest MRT though he is under no obligation to. He also updated me over SMS the status of the repair. These exemplary service beyond the call of duty should be encouraged and, I hope, duly recognized.  Thanks!”

Mr Chua Kian Wee, Peugeot 5008 owner
- 17 October 2016

“Joan follow up very well. Goes the extra mile. Patient and polite. Pleasant and excellent service.”

Mr Kevin Daniel Pillay, Peugeot 308 owner
- 14 October 2016

“Joan Ang provides great service, warm and friendly, like a relative.”

Mr Kok Chuen Wah, Peugeot 5008 owner
- 10 October 2016

“Victor Foo had been very attentive to my needs. When needed, he always provide a win-win solution. It had been an extremely pleasant experience dealing with Victor. Thanks Victor.”

Ms Lim Ju Ling Adelle, Peugeot 2008 owner
- 30 September 2016

“Very impressed with overall sales experience. Joan was very prompt in providing updates as well as reminders prior to the next appointment.”

Ms Suan Yong, Peugeot 3008 owner
- 18 August 2016

“Zann is very patient, understanding and courteous. Her knowledge of the product is excellent. She takes the time to answer every question. She is not pushy and honest with all her answers. She responses to phone call very promptly. Lastly, she is very flexible towards all our requests. A highly recommended sales consultant. A model for AutoFrance.”

Mr Daniel Boon Heng Cheong, Peugeot 5008 owner
- 18 August 2016

“My family and I, we are proud owners of Peugeot 308SW and 3008 recently bought from Ms Joan Ang the Sales Consultant who managed our purchases extremely friendly and efficiently. We would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone for their purchases. The cars has good performance and value for money. Fully satisfied with both the cars and the Sales Consultant. Well Done Joan!”

Mr Ng Soon Huat Ronnie, Peugeot 3008 owner
- 1 August 2016

“I will like to highly commend Jacqueline Lim for the excellent customer service rendered in my recent purchase of a Peugeot 2008.

Jacqueline understood my requirements clearly from the day I walked into the Showroom and patiently guided me on all the processes including loan and insurance application. She demonstrated in-depth experience in her practical advice every time I had any question and made the purchase of the vehicle (from walk-in to collection of the vehicle) a very pleasant experience. Jacqueline also sponsored the in-vehicle camera and arranged for other accessories to be installed. She demonstrated the customer orientation and class in her customer service that one would associate with a brand like Peugeot and this was a clear differentiating factor from other vendors and a critical influencing factor in my decision to buy the vehicle.

I would not hestiate to refer other friends looking to purchase a vehicle to Jacqueline. Thank you.”

Mr Sunil Rai, Peugeot 2008 owner
- 26 July 2016

“This is a letter of compliment for my CSO Mr Bernard. He went out of his way to go the extra mile. Literally. It all began in the morning, when I texted Bernard to request for an unscheduled visit to service centre. Instead of declining me, he accepted right away (despite the fully booked schedule which I found out from the TV screen on arrival) and made arrangements for me.

I was kept updated throughout the day on the status, and was informed to collect my vehicle and car keys from the guard house after work. When I arrived, the guard couldn’t locate my keys and I called Bernard. This was at 1130pm, on a rainy day, way beyond office hours, when Bernard returned to service centre to retrieve my keys. It’s the human touch, simple yet so often missing in the world we live in today, that will go a long way in providing great customer satisfaction. My heartfelt thanks to Bernard again.”

Mr Ang Seng Huat Leonard, Peugeot 208 owner
- 19 July 2016

“Would like to compliment Joseph on his outstanding service attitude. I sent in my car for a routine service but the workshop didn’t do a good job and missed out on a few items. Joseph was the one who checked and inform me on the possible delay. He even bothered to inform me on the possible cost and estimated time it would take. This has never happen on any of my past visits."

Mr Lim Ee Zen Alfred, Peugeot 408 owner
- 13 June 2016

“I would like to thank Mr Foo Tee Boon and his team from Vantage Automotive at Singapore whom had went extra mile to help me to detect and fix…. His team members had done a good job to identify and fix the issues.

I would like to specially thank Mr Chua Gee Wah, who have shown his professional commitment and dedication…. Mr chua had been consistent providing feedback to me and working closely between his team and me to ensure that I get the latest updates of my car… I greatly appreciate his dedication and commitment, and I strongly recommend the company to reward him for his dedication and commitment.

Lastly, his customer service attitude and skill had reached a excellent level and I believe all the Staff should follow him as an example.”

Mr Jeff Lee Jue Chen, Peugeot 508 owner
- 24 May 2016

“Thanks for the great service, Cindy Cheng. Part of the factors in buying the car is due to your great customer service. Keep up the good work. You are an asset to the company.”

Mr Indrashah Bin Md Isa, Peugeot 3008 owner
- 20 May 2016

“… This is to let your team know I am delighted to have Joseph to look after my car service needs. Despite there was still problem…., Joseph is very patient in trying to understand. He came in early today too at around 730am to receive my car.

Ms Alvinna on other hand was very kind to wait for us to collect our car on 7 May, Saturday till around 1.30pm where her duty should end by 12.30pm. It was my mistake for getting the time wrong. However, Ms Alvinna offered to wait for us till our arrival despite she has her family matters to attend to.

They might be the BEST employees of the world, but it is important for all organization to have people like them to bring the organization to another level.

Ms Pearly Wong, Peugeot 308SW owner
- 18 May 2016

“I would like to take this opportunity to inform Senior Management that in today’s context, it is rare to find excellent service in service industry. Among your ranks at the Service Centre in Alexandra Road is one Mr Christopher Joy. Having had an opportunity to deal with him over a year, I was really glad to meet an outstanding service staff like Christopher, particularly so, in the motor industry.

Christopher shows, initiative and is very customer oriented. His knowledge of the product and service is outstanding. It is a timely reminder to management that such staff, like him must be retained in the company…

Kindly commend and convey to Christopher recognition for his outstanding customer service and product knowledge.”

Mr Louis Alexander Raj Kumar Charles, Peugeot 3008 owner
- 10 May 2016

"... The whole service experience was fine and made better by the SA, Joseph. He is the most spontaneous SA that I've come across. His follow up is the spot on and the most eager that I experienced. I will be requesting for his attention for my next appointment."

Mr Hue Fook Choy, Peugeot 408 owner
- 29 April 2016

"Service Advisor Bernard is very helpful and provided great service advice. I am very satisfied and happy."

Mr Tai Kian Chow, Peugeot 508 owner
- 21 April 2016

“Zann is really very professional and patient in the whole process. We are very much kept up to elate with the process. Highly recommended.”

Mr Chong Eng Hwa, Peugeot 308 owner
- 20 April 2016

"Joseph was covering for his colleague Darren when I send my vehicle in for inspection. He is very helpful, friendly and proactive in providing the necessary assistance. O am impressed by this good service. Keep it up!"

Mr Tan How Kheng Andrew, Peugeot 5008 owner
- 12 April 2016

"I am writing to compliment Mr Willey Yan for his excellent customer service he has provided to my family when we were shopping for a new car. Willie has been very professional throughout and has been very patient with our questions and requests. He knows the features of the cars well and was able to provide recommendations and useful information, and was never once pushy to try to close sales unlike many Authorized Agents we went to. 

After we had committed to the purchase, Willie was highly accommodating to meet at locations and timing at our convenience to finish up some paper work, going over and above his obligations as a sales executive. Willie continues to provide post-sale service after I took possession of the car and followed up promptly for some outstanding delivery of add-ons and accessories for the car.

The quality of service from Willie made our whole experience of buying a Peugeot a positive and pleasurable one. We will gladly recommend Willie to anyone who is considering a Peugeot".

Mr Boo Kiah Wee Mark, Peugeot 308SW Owner
- 29 March 2016

"A word of gratitude to Mr Bernard. He is the man that led to a new beginning for me to enjoy driving! I am totally impressed with his value-attitude. Yes! A good man in the motor industry is hard to come by.

For example, he will go all the way out to get me the rubber car floor mat without any hesitation, I knew he is trying his very best, furthermore, I am confident that he will follow up with the sales person closely.

He deserves a compliment from me, being a loyal customer to AutoFrance, ....."

Mr Leung Tung Teng, Peugeot 3008 Owner-
 17 March 2016

"I would like to take this opportunity to extend my thanks and appreciation to the excellent service rendered by Darren Wong. I sent my car for servicing claims and experiences have been very positive. The following are the key feedbacks: 

1. Very sincere and honest advices on what services to be done;
2. Quick follow up without the owner to call back. Excellent.
3. Attentive to client's details. Example: Gave accurate advice on when the car is ready and cost required.
4. Call back clients after servicing is done to ensure everything is okay.

Thanks Darren. It has been a wonderful experience with your services."

Mr Yong Chet Fui, Peugeot 508 Owner
- 15 March 2016

"I noticed a nail in my tire and decided to have it looked into at Peugeot Service Center. I called Christopher and he was professional and polite. He went on to solve my problem and i would like to compliment him on his service rendered. Well Done, Christopher! To Christopher's credit, he solved my issues promptly and professionally, however, this messed up other clients whom he attended to later cause of my emergency. Thus, I'd like to propose a small tweak to your service model which i think will help customers of having their needs met faster."

Mr Chan Wai Herng Mark, Peugeot 5008 Owner
- 24 February 2016

"I would like to take this opportunity to compliment Mr Victor Foo for his excellent customer service. Today, I sent my car for wheel alignment and he did a great job of ensuring that the job is done promptly. He even sent the car for a quick wash. He is definitely as asset to your company."

Mr Mukhtiar Khan, Peugeot 3008 Owner
- 25 November 2015

"I would like take this opportunity to thank Lina Tan for her patience and excellent customer service rendered during my multiple visits in past few months before making the purchase. If not for her perseverance and professionalism. I would not had purchase a Pug. Keep up with your excellent work attitude."

Ms Jacques Lim, Peugeot 308 Owner
- 19 November 2015

"I would like to express my appreciation to Ong who looked after the servicing and additional bodywork to the car. I left car and travelled to China. Ong managed all communication via whatsapp. Such attitude and promot follow up does not come by regularly. Please thank him and share my experience with the team."

Ms Janice Hong, Peugeot 5008 Owner
- 30 October 2015

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you Mr Darren Wang (Customer Services Advisor) for his good advise. He is very professional, patience, cool and good listener for any queries or doubts which I have and update me the necessary requirements during my servicing."

Mr Melvin Kang, Peugeot 308 Owner
- 5 October 2015

"We would like to thank Lina Tan for the excellent customer service she provided during the recent purchase of our Peugeot. Our experience has been an overwhelmingly positive one. My family and I, having only been owners of Japanese cars, were initially hesitant on buying a continental vehicle. However, we were delighted by her thoughtfulness and patience towards us during this time - she cared more about fulfilling my family's needs rather than simply making the sale. My spouse was particularly pleased when she kept up the end of her promise on the agreed trade-in price of our old car, despite the fact that the used car dealer was insistent on a lower price. Moreover, the whole handover and delivery process of our cars were very smooth. Once again, we would like to thank her for the excellent experience - her passion and professionalism is truly an example for others to emulate. I hope to continue to experience such excellence in your after-sales service."

Ms Ernice Sim, Peugeot 5008 Owner
- 12 September 2015

"We are writing to compliment on your Advisor, Mr Bernard who is working in your Service Centre Alexandra. ... I would say that the Best Advisor in your workshop is Mr Bernard. He had been assisting us in the repairs and had been very patience with me. ...., Mr Bernard replied my sms almost immediately.

He will assist Tow service for us when the car needs to tow back. He will advise us to bring back the car when immediate attention was needed. He had been so patience and kind to understand my frustration. Indeed, he is your office GOOD ASSET! Besides, another person who had been understanding and replied me is Miss Joraine Huang. 2 good staffs. Keep it up!"

Mrs Hay, Peugeot 5008 Owner
- 2 September 2015

".... Throughout the whole process, we received tremendous support and efficient customer service from your Sales Consultant, Zann Toh. Zann Toh has gone beyond her call of duty to serve us and she is an excellent example of great customer service and display great efficiency in executing her duties. She proactively monitor the whole process from the day we stepped into your showroom to collecting our car to after sales services. She is patient and professional in clearing our doubts regarding continental car as we have no experience driving one before. We were convinced by her sincerity. She goes beyond her call of duty to monitor the whole process which include the registration number for our car ..... Her advice has been sincere and professional and we can trust her recommendation.... Delighted and highly satisfied, we commend her quality service. She gave us confidence that things will run smoothly when she is in charge and we have no hesitation in referring her to any of our friends. .... We are also thankful to the many staff who has contributed in one way or another, in making our whole experience such a pleasant and pleasurable one in purchasing a Peugeot vehicle."

Mr Victor and Ms Jasmine Loo, Peugeot 5008 Owner
- 1 September 2015

"I would like to thank Apollo Leong for his great service. ... I learnt from him how to be a better sales person from the sincerity, professionalism and commitment exhibited by him. ... he gives excellent service from beginning ie like recommending without pushing, answering all queries promptly and quickly during the transactions and top it all by patiently providing instructions as how to use the features in the car during handover."

Ms Kuah Ee Peng, Peugeot 308 Owner
- 31 July 2015

"I wish to comment your Customer Service Advisor, Mr Darren Wang of his excellent service. He has good job knowledge, friendly and able to provide good advice."

Mr Tan Thian Chye, Peugeot 408 Owner
- 27 June 2015

"Ever since the purchased, all my servicing (every 10,000km and others) have been carried out at your service workshop in Peugeot. None have been carried out with any other external service workshop. All the car advisors throughout the 5 years plus that I have encountered have been extremely wonderful in their service excellence........ I have been dealing with Christopher Joy for the last few servicing and I must admit, I enjoyed the service that he has provided. Professional, patience and understanding. Please convey my gratitude for his services."

Mr Raymond Howe, Peugeot 380SW and 207CC owner
- 9 March 2015

"I would like to take this opportunity to compliment Mr Victor Foo for his patience and willingness in providing excellent customer service."

Ms Eunice Chang, Peugeot 3008 owner
- 7 September 2014

"Lee was very patient and he understands that I need the car for my work. He took the initiative to follow up closely with the other party's insurance to confirm the go ahead for third party claim. In addition, with his experience, he has the hindsight to order parts for my car early so that my repair can start immediately. Without his close supervision with the other party insurance and parts ordering, I will not be able to get back my car today. Lee was very understanding throughout the whole process despite his very busy schedule. Kindly help to thank him for me! Thank you very much lee!"

Mr Yong Chet Fui, Peugeot 508 owner 
- 8 May 2014