Our Peugeot Range

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Which car to choose - and how to be sure you're making the right purchase? Peugeot's car selector helps you compare the various models.
For private individuals or professionals, you're sure to find the vehicle you need in our wide range of models - from urban cars to family vehicles, from saloon cars to people carriers.

Peugeot 308 Smart Design


Hot hatchbacks for powerful performance
Combining sporty style with mighty performance, Peugeot’s range of hot hatch cars delivers high thrills every time you take to the road. These hot hatches turn heads with sleek lines, glistening chrome and distinctive alloy wheels. All of Peugeot’s usual style is backed up with plenty of substance too..

Peugeot 508 Modern Design


Family cars that balance fun and functionality
Here at Peugeot, we believe that practicality doesn’t mean the end of great driving experiences. And with sedan in our range, there’s a vehicle for every family – and every driver..

New Peugeot 3008 SUV


SUVs  for the modern family
Stylish without compromising practicality, Peugeot’s SUV range delivers the best of both worlds. They’re compact, yet spacious. Rugged, but luxurious. Enjoyable and efficient. Whether you’re zipping round the modern cities or challenging the great outdoors, there’s a Peugeot SUV for you and your family.

High-Tech Performance Peugeot 308 SW

Station Wagon

Station wagons for familys and professionals
Peugeot’s station wagons provide you with the practicality you need in your daily life. Our station wagon models are perfect, whether you’re driving the kids to school, popping to the supermarket or zipping off to a business meeting. Versatility is at the heart of each of our luxury station wagon models. Need more space? These cars feature modular seating systems, so you can easily fold the seats down or remove them completely.

Peugeot Partner Van Flexibility


Your perfect partner, both professionally and personally
With low fuel consumption and ample cargo space, the Peugeot Expert and Peugeot Partner have everything you’d want in a commercial van and more. All you need is a Class 3A licence to take it for a drive.