New Peugeot 3008 BlueHDi Crossover

The new Peugeot 3008

[01 April 2016, Friday]

With over 500,000 sales worldwide, exceeding the original projected targets by 50%, the PEUGEOT 3008 is a success due to its strong character. Aimed at customers who are freed from convention, this compact Crossover goes beyond the segments to combine the best of the SUV, a Hatchback and an MPV.

Its modernity lies in its ability to combine the appeal of the PEUGEOT style with the strength of the Crossover, to unite driving pleasure and functionality. Multi-talented, its abilities become evident as it is used. Its cockpit and its technological equipment stimulate the driver who enjoys the full extent of the dynamic qualities, which are among the best in the segment.

Retaining all of its strengths, the latest 3008 is distinguished by an elegant and contemporary style, emphasized by new lights. At the front and at the rear, the light signatures identify the 3008 with precision. On the head-up display, a full-colour illustration distinguishes between the different functions for instant notification. A reversing camera makes manoeuvres easier by displaying the area immediately behind the vehicle.

“For the 3008, the Marque has been bold enough to opt for a nonconformist combination and strong stylistic trends. The interior is just as innovative with a stimulating architecture.” Maxime Picat, Director General, Automobiles PEUGEOT.

A natural, intense and elegant presence

The 3008 Crossover innovated by combining different vehicle types in a completely new way: the dynamism of the Hatchback, the single compartment of the MPV and the high architecture of the SUV. Its dimensions (4.365m long, 1.837m wide) are adorned with a powerful and refined style. Adopting the latest stylistic codes of the marque, the 3008 affirms its character and its qualities with force: high-quality and contemporary style, strength, comfort in all situations, and driving sensations with the ability to adapt.

"The spirit of the latest 3008 has strong character with detailed elegance and a product of exteme precision." Keith Ryder, Manager, Peugeot 3008 Design

The strength is clear from first contact as the body protection is reassuring and the fits with precision. The bodywork is encircled by structured wheel arches, wings with expressive folds, stainless steel trimmings with strong 3D sculpting and body sills. On these, the light effect confirms the Crossover identity. The 3008 rests on wheel designs which combine lightness and strength, finished in diamond-sparkle finish on the 17” alloy rims. 

The character of the front face, which has been completely redesigned, is pronounced due to the contrasting aspects. The grille and the fog lamp trims appear to form a single chromed part emerging from the bodywork. Adorned with two thin chromed strips, the air intake reinforces the natural presence of the 3008.

The innovative technological headlamps with their lively look also appear to be set in the bodywork. It rests on the direction indicator and the light signature, both with LEDs and of the flat guide type.

The Lion also adorns the tailgate, accompanied by the name of the marque. Rear tail lights with a dark tint set off the light signature innovatively - lit by LEDs, the three floating claws have a sharp design and emerge from the lamp with a 3D effect.

Instruments and controls, the basis of the experience

On opening the door, the passenger compartment proves to be a new source of surprise and attraction.  The light provided by the Panoramic Glass Roof reveals the instruments and controls with supreme ergonomics with high quality and clarity.

“The driving experience is at the heart of the development of our vehicles. The 3008 has introduced a new interior architecture. It is one of the keys of the success of this Crossover and has started a process which inspires all of our new projects.” Xavier Peugeot, PEUGEOT Product Director

In the centre of the driver’s field of vision, above the dashboard, the ‘Head-Up Display’ shows key information on its retractable polycarbonate strip. For immediate reading, each function is now presented in full-colour: white for the vehicle’s current speed and green for the cruise control.

At the centre of the dashboard, the retractable screen displays the interface for the Factory Navigation, the trip computer, the rear parking assistance and the image filmed by the reversing camera. The various parameters of the head up display are managed by the Toggle Switches which are controlled easily by the fingertips.

The controls permitting control of the progress of the vehicle are grouped together on the centre console which extends to the rear seats. The front armrest hides a capacious chilled storage space.

Comfort and practicality of use

The occupants feel relaxed, wherever they are seated, due to a high level of soundproofing and a large glazed surface area, which bathes the passenger compartment in light. The Panoramic Glass Roof increases the glazing to an impressive 5m². It is tinted to limit the penetration of light and heat, and also has an electric opaque blind.

“The 3008 is unique in the market, which is the reason for its success. Customers favour it for its striking identity and its versatility. On board, everyone has the best seat:  instinctive cockpit, modularity, comfort, soundproofing...” Christian Bonnet, project manager for the 3008 Product

In the ergonomic cockpit, the driver is in a dynamic position inspired by the Hatchback. In the front, the passengers can enjoy the journey ride in full safety, separated by a well-placed grab handle which link the centre console and the dashboard. In the rear, the passengers benefit from a flat floor and considerable space due to the streamlined seat shells facing them.

Technological equipment for increased safety

Beyond the considerable developments in its occupant protection, the PEUGEOT 3008 Crossover has a range of technological features to improve safety as standard equipment, like cruise control and the speed limiter.

The rear parking assistance indicate the distance between the vehicle and an obstacle. A graphic on the screen and sound alerts, which become more frequent as the distance decreases, indicate to the driver his freedom to manoeuvre.

The reversing camera displays the area behind the vehicle on the screen. Its projected vehicle outline is then indicated by coloured lines on the display.

Once the vehicle has been parked, the electric handbrake is applied automatically when the ignition is switched off. If the vehicle is stationary but the ignition is not switched off, the electric control can be activated manually with a single touch to the switch conveniently located on the centre console. On moving off, the electric handbrake is released automatically when the driver presses the accelerator pedal. Furthermore, this technological solution permits the installation of a large storage compartment.

The 3008 is equipped as standard with Hill Assist, which increases the convenience in use but also with safety in mind.  When the vehicle is on a gradient and the driver has released the brake pedal, this function maintains the application of the brakes for a couple of seconds. The driver then has time to  press the accelerator pedal without fearing undesired movement of their vehicle when  moving  off on a hill in forward gear or reverse, for example to parallel park.

Other features include: Emergency Brake Assist, Auto Hazard Lights Warning, Anti-lock Braking System, Electronic Brake-force Distribution, six air bags (front, side and curtain), 3-Front Impact Absorption Structures and 2 ISOFIX child seat mountings on rear seats.

Storage compartment for all seats

For everyday practicality, the passenger compartment has numerous storage compartments, amounting to a total of nearly 50-litres. The central armrest conceals a vast volume of 13.5 litres, permanently ventilated. It can accommodate, for example, a 1.5-litre bottle. The front passengers have door trays, a locked space below the steering wheel and a glove box. It is the same in the rear: two storage compartments are integrated under the feet of the rear passengers (3.3-litre on the left and 3.8-litre on the right). There are also door trays of 2.5-litre and finally nets on the back of the front seats.

Well thought-out modularity

The Split-Folding Tailgate can bear a load of 200kg, opening up a very accessible boot. In fact, the MultiFlex interior allows you to adapt the boot of the 3008 to suit your requirements due to the two-position boot floor and the folding rear seat backs. This adjustable- height floor structure is made of a composite material to which it owes its lightness, only 3.5kg, to making it very easy to handle. It is also fitted with four securing rings for attaching a luggage boot net. In a single movement, the Easy Flat rear bench seat retract and the seat backs fold by means of controls located in the boot or at the top of the seat back.

So, the volume can vary from 420-litre (under the shelf) to 1,512-litre (rear seats folded), including the storage compartments on each side of and under the boot.

Efficient dynamism

The 3008 Crossover provides handling that will delight the driver and passengers alike, due to carefully designed aerodynamics (Cd of  0.296) and a compliant suspension set-up to a very  high level. To reduce vehicle weight, the 3008 uses VHSS (Very High Strength Steel) and UHSS (Ultra High Strength Steel) panels, reducing some 12.5% of the weight of the vehicle, with aluminium for the bonnet and composite materials for the front wings.

The  driver  will  enjoy   in  particular the  precision of  driving  and the  road holding, promises of  a dynamism which is remarkable in the segment.

With the marque’s Micro Hybrid Stop & Start system integrated in all diesel configurations, efficiency and emissions are improved by 15%, leaving CO2 emission to a low 109g/km.  It now has the Stop&Start system by heavy-duty starter motor (STTd) and 17” energy saving tyres to enhance fuel consumption. Therefore, owning a 3008 Crossover is as good as playing a part in eco-friendliness, while having a great time with the family.

Euro 6 BlueHDi: the most efficient clean Diesel technology on the market

With BlueHDi, PEUGEOT has been using the most efficient emissions control technology on the market to equip its new generation of turbo diesel engines and once again is ahead of the emissions control standard. The Euro 6 3008 1.6L BlueHDi 120hp is characterised by torquey driving pleasure (300Nm @1750rpm) and low fuel consumption.

Paired with the Aisin EAT6 gearbox (Efficient Automatic Transmission 6-speed), the 3008 achieves a highly efficient 23.8km per litre (4.2 litres per 100 km on EC combined cycle). SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) is already the most efficient NOx after-treatment technology on the market. Furthermore, its unique location in advance of the additive-treatment FAP (particulate filter) on PEUGEOT vehicles is the only one which, due to early stage priming of the SCR, assists with the reduction of NOx (nitrogen oxides) by up to 90% and removal of 99.9% of particulates, including the very finest.

At the same time, this highly efficient method of reducing the NOx assists with optimising emissions of CO2 and reducing engine fuel consumption by up to 4% in comparison with EURO 5 engines, via a combustion chamber and dedicated "CO2" adjustment. Locating the SCR in advance of the additive-treatment FAP (particulate filter) is made possible by the ability of the additive-treatment FAP to regenerate at much lower temperatures than other types of FAP technology used by our competitors.