Peugeot enters two coupes for the Tour Auto 2019

[24 April 2019]

For the fourth year in a row, PEUGEOT will take part in the annual Tour Auto, entering two historic vehicles for the 28th edition that are equally mythical and popular: the PEUGEOT 204 coupé and the PEUGEOT 504 coupé, the latter of which celebrates its 50th birthday this year. From 29 April to 4 May 2019, the PEUGEOT Legend racing team will exhibit the brand's colours in the Regularity category. The two PEUGEOT vehicles, numbered 96 and 97 respectively, will cover 2,500 km as they cross France from Paris to Deauville. This event will provide an opportunity for the public, who will be present in large numbers along the small French roads to see a preview of two new PEUGEOT 508 SW cars. Four other press and assistance vehicles will be accompanying the racing vehicles.

Two seasoned crews for the 28th edition

Once again this year, PEUGEOT has decided to trust two experienced drivers: Mathieu Sentis at the wheel of the PEUGEOT 204 coupé, and Etienne Bruet driving the PEUGEOT 504. The co-drivers chosen for the 2019 edition are Gilles Vidal, PEUGEOT Design Director, and Maéva Coucke, Miss France 2018, for the PEUGEOT 204 coupé and the PEUGEOT 504 coupé respectively.

The PEUGEOT 204 and PEUGEOT 504 coupés

The first vehicle chosen to enter was the PEUGEOT 204, emblematic of the brand's series 2, in response to the new PEUGEOT 208 which was presented at the Geneva International Motor Show in March 2019. The most popular car in France from 1969 to 1971, the PEUGEOT 204 has certainly left its mark on automotive history. It was entered for the Tour de France Automobile in 1971 in the 3GT category, where its modern, dynamic handling and technology, which was highly innovative for the era, enabled it to finish in an honourable 49th place.

The PEUGEOT 504, of which over 3.7 million units were sold from 1968 to 2005, was awarded Car of the Year in 1969. The PEUGEOT 504 has taken part in and won numerous rallies across Africa, in countries such as the Ivory Coast and Morocco. The PEUGEOT 504 coupé to be entered this year also took part in the Tour Auto 2018.

Decoration of the vehicles entrusted to PEUGEOT Design

Similarly to previous editions, Gilles Vidal, PEUGEOT Design Director, and his team revisited the history of the vehicles and have designed the 2019 competition liveries for these two iconic cars.

Collaborating with the Aventure PEUGEOT Classic

This year, the PEUGEOT Classic spare parts department of Aventure PEUGEOT is collaborating with the Multi Motion Garage crews, led by Julien Nicolas, to support the teams.

MICHELIN is also a partner in this operation and provides active support for both vehicles' tires.