PEUGEOT Cycles Team in the top ten

[8 October 2019]

The PEUGEOT Cycles Team in the top ten at the end of the World E-bike Series (WES) championship

During the last WES round in Barcelona (Spain) on October 5, Morgane Jonnier, Elite rider of the PEUGEOT Cycles team, finished 3rd in the women's "Enduro" race. Nicolas Lau, leading rider of the Team and Jean-Roch Vecten placed 12th and 25th in the men's "Enduro" race. At the end of the season, Nicolas Lau who faced fierce competition, finished 10th in the overall ranking and allows Team PEUGEOT Cycles to join the top ten. PEUGEOT Cycles’ commitment to WES, the 1st international championship of electrically assisted mountain bike racing series, is in line with PEUGEOT's global electrification strategy.

New podium for the PEUGEOT Cycles Team in Barcelona

In Barcelona, Morgane Jonnier finished 3rd and won her second podium for her second participation in the women's enduro race in WES. She faced a positive elevation of 1000 metres on a course totalling 30 kilometres with two timed specials and intermediate liaisons. Morgane Jonnier, winner of the 2018 French Enduro MTB Cup and French Enduro MTB Vice-Champion, confirms her ease in electric MTB competition. "I gave my best on these two very short 8-minute stages. It was almost a sprint and I saved the day by finishing third. The results of these two races in WES are very positive. It's a great experience and the effort is different to manage than on a classic MTB. I have the determination to do even better in 2020! "Statement by Morgane Jonnier, PEUGEOT Elite rider.

Nicolas Lau, who finished 12th in the Barcelona race, allows Team Peugeot Cycles to join the top ten in the General Enduro race at the end of the season. Jean-Roch Vecten was ranked 25th. During the 4 rounds of the WES in Monaco, Switzerland, Italy and Spain, the riders faced fierce competition, with Elite riders world and national mountain bike champions. "We had to be in on it right away here in Barcelona with two explosive stages: the track was not optimal. The result of the season is positive with good rides on the first three races, and beautiful bike destinations. As the series progressed, the good driving sensations grew steadily. For 2020, we are moving towards new objectives. I thank the Team and all the partners. "Statement by Nicolas Lau PEUGEOT Elite rider.

Overall standings of the WES championship – Enduro competition:

Female Enduro Competition

Male Enduro Competition

1. Jessica Bormolini (Italy) / Team Scott

1. Nicolas Quéré (France) / Team Giant

2. Sofia Wiedenroth (Germany) / Cube Action team

2. Gustav Wildhaber (Switzerland) / Cube Action Team

3. Alba Wunderlin (Switzerland) / Bergstrom Werkmannschaft

3. Nicolas Vouilloz (France) / Team Lapierre

4. Morgane Jonnier (France) / Team PEUGEOT


10. Nicolas Lau (France) / Team PEUGEOT

PEUGEOT Cycles back in the race in the World E-bike Series

The involvement of PEUGEOT Cycles in the WES highlights the electrification strategy of the PEUGEOT brand. From 2019, each new vehicle, including the all-new PEUGEOT 208, will be available with an electric powertrain. Electrically assisted bicycles currently account for half of PEUGEOT and represent the future.
E-racing is a guarantee of image and high performance for the PEUGEOT next-gen e-bikes. The WES team riders develop and rehearse the future bikes. In 2019, the bikes of the pilots were based upon the PEUGEOT eM02 FS PowerTube (e= electrically assisted, M= Mountain, FS= Full Suspension, PowerTube = BOSCH battery integrated in the frame).
The legendary black-and-white chequered jersey was back in 2019, worn by the Team pilots! The iconic jersey was revived by the PEUGEOT Design Lab studio, which also designed the racing bike trims.

The World E-bikes Series championship, first EMTB championship

Under the control of the UCI (Cyclist International Union) in 2019, the WES can be compared to the Formula E championship for a car manufacturer. For this very first edition, the season included four rounds in Europe (Monaco, Switzerland, Italy and Spain). Six trophies have awarded the winners of each competition: Enduro male; Enduro female; XC male; XC female; Team and Manufacturer.
Each round took place over three days during the weekend. Friday was dedicated to the track Reconnaissance and the press conference, Saturday to the competition for Elite riders and Sunday to the rides for the amateurs.
Two races could be run by the male and female Elite Pilots. The Enduro race success is growing: it features individual starts with timed special stages on a demanding track with climbs but a majority of downhills.