PEUGEOT Cycles racing Team in the top 3

PEUGEOT Cycles racing Team in the top 3

[9 September 2019]

PEUGEOT Cycles racing Team in the top 3 after the 3rd round of the World E-bike Series (WES) in Bologna (Italy)

Morgane Jonnier, for her first participation to the WES, finished 2nd of the female “Enduro” competition at the end of the WES Round 3 on September 7th. Nicolas Lau, the PEUGEOT Cycles Team leader and Jean-Roch Vecten, finished 9th and 17th in the male “Enduro” competition. This result boosts the PEUGEOT Cycles racing Team standing before the ultimate round of the season in Barcelona. PEUGEOT Cycles’ involvement in the WES, the first international electric mountain-bike racing series, is consistent with the PEUGEOT brand electrification strategy.

The PEUGEOT Cycles Team shines in the World E-bike Series in Bologna

For her first participation to the WES, Morgane Jonnier finished 2nd of the female Enduro Competition. She faced the 5 timed specials and intermediate liaisons with a total of 39 kilometres and a positive elevation of 1300 metres. Morgane Jonnier is French Vice-champion in Enduro mountain biking and won the French Enduro Mountain-Bike Cup in 2018. She runs for PEUGEOT Cycles in December 2017.

“For my first discovery of the e-Bike competition, I really enjoyed the course, the sensations in the curves and the grip of the bike. I still need experience to better control the machine and grab the few seconds that would allow me to get on the first step.” Comment by Morgane Jonnier, PEUGEOT Elite Cyclist

Nicolas Lau, regular since the beginning of the WES championship, climbs in power and ranks 9th in the male Enduro competition. Jean-Roch Vecten confirms his outsider status with a 17th position. As they did during the previous WES rounds in Monaco and Locarno (Switzerland), the PEUGEOT Cycles Elite pilots faced a fierce competition, among world and national MTB champions Elite riders. With the result, the PEUGEOT Cycles Team remains neck and neck with its rivals in the WES championship.

Overall standings of the 3rd round of the WES – Enduro competition:

Female Enduro Competition

Male Enduro Competition

1. Jessica Bormolini (Italy) / Team Scott

1. Nicolas Vouilloz (France) / Team Lapierre

2. Morgane Jonnier (France) / Team PEUGEOT Cycles

2. Gustav Wildhaber (Switzerland) / Cube Action Team

3. Sofia Wiedenroth (Germany) / Cube Action Team

3. Nicolas Quéré (France) / Team Giant


9. Nicolas Lau (France) / Team PEUGEOT Cycles

17. Jean-Roch Vecten (France) / Team PEUGEOT Cycles

Bologna confirmed its “bike city” reputation, oriented to sustainable mobilitu and e-sports. The capital of Emilia-Romagna and its surrounding mountains offered a dream setting for the third round of the WES. The Teams presentation and Cross Country competition took place on Friday and the Enduro Competition on Saturday. On Sunday, the riders could challenge the Elite riders on three different tracks.

PEUGEOT Cycles back in the race in the World E-bike Series

The presence of PEUGEOT Cycles in the new World E-bike Series highlights the electrification strategy of the PEUGEOT brand. From 2019, each new PEUGEOT vehicle will be available with an electric powertrain. Electrically assisted bicycles represents the future and currently account for over one-third of PEUGEOT Cycles sales.
E-racing is a guarantee of image and high performance for the PEUGEOT next-gen e-bikes, developed by the WES team riders. Their bikes are based upon the PEUGEOT eM02 FS PowerTube (e= electrically assisted, M= Mountain, FS= Full Suspension, PowerTube = BOSCH battery integrated in the frame).

The World E-bikes Series championship, organized in 2019 by the UCI (Cyclist International Union), is regarded as the very first edition of an electrically assisted mountain bike world cup. The four rounds of the WES championship take place in Europe (Monaco, Switzerland, Italy and Spain). Six trophies will award the winners of each competition at the end of the season: Enduro male; Enduro female; XC male; XC female; Team and Manufacturer.
Two races are run by the male and female Elite Pilots. The Enduro race success is growing: it features individual starts with timed special stages on a demanding track with climbs but a majority of downhills.