PureTech engine wins award third time round

2017 Engine of the Year

Groupe PSA’s 1.2 litre 3-cylinder turbo PureTech gasoline engine once again awarded 2017 “Engine of the Year”


During the 19th international Engine of the Year Awards in Stuttgart, an international jury of journalists awarded the prize of 2017 “ Engine of the Year” to the 1.2L 3-cylinder turbo PureTech gasoline engine in the 1L to 1.4L category.


 PureTech Engine

For the third year in the row, the 2017 "Engine of the Year" prize confirms the commercial success of this engine, which is available in 110 and 130 hp (PureTech 110 S&S and PureTech 130 S&S). The facts:

- With over 850,000 units already produced in the industrial facilities of the Française de Mécanique in Douvrin (France) and in Xiang Yang (China) since its launch in 2014, this engine will also be manufactured at the Trémery plant (France) at the end of 2017 in order to meet the increase of the demand and double the production capacity for this engine in France. Annual production will exceed 1 million units by 2019.

- The 1.2 PureTech, in the 110 and 130 hp versions is fully deployed on over 90 vehicles applications in 70 countries. In 2017, it contributes to the commercial success of Groupe PSA’s new products such as the new Peugeot 3008, selected as the "Car of the Year 2017" and the new Citroën C3.

- On the European market, the 1.2L 3-cylinder Puretech modular family represents 1/3 of Groupe PSA’s total gasoline and Diesel engines.


 PureTech Engine

Recognized by market for its driving experiences even at the lowest rpm, the 1.2L 3-cylinder turbo PureTech keeps evolving and will benefit of significant improvements before the end of 2017, with enhancements in performance and fuel consumption (up to 4%):

- introduction of a particulate filter (GPF- Gasoline Particulate Filter) to reduce particules emissions by more than 75% in anticipation of the future 2020 regulation’s standards in Europe and China;

- optimization of efficiency, thanks to the combustion cycles evolution and a 250bar injection pressure;

- reduction in mechanical friction and introduction of a new turbocompressor;

- making the engine more compact to optimize aerodynamics (SCx gains).

Commenting on the award, Christian Chapelle, Vice-President, Powertrain and Chassis Engineering, Groupe PSA, said: "Receiving this prize confirms the exceptional quality and performance of our gasoline engines. We are continuing to optimize our internal combustion engines to make them more efficient and ever more environmentally-friendly, thereby better addressing the challenges of energy transition."