2019 Year-End Festive Sale

This festive season 2 December 2019 to 31 January 2020, pamper your car with our line-up of great parts and service offers.

Service Pkg

Up to 20% off!

Enjoy great savings on your car servicing with our Peugeot Pre-Paid Service Packages

  • 1 Year (or 2 Visits) Package - 10% Discount + 10% discount on add-on parts replacement
  • 2 Year (or 4 Visits) Package - 20% Discount + 20% discount on add-on parts replacement

Wiper blade

30% Off Retail Price

“Cooler, rainy days expected for rest of November: Met Service” (Source: Channel News Asia. https://bit.ly/2KzLEEv)

 This festive season see clearly in rainy conditions. Wipers are essential safety features of your vehicle. Their good efficiency depends on several elements: the adapter, the stiffeners and the blade. Get it checked today and enjoy 30% off retail price (before GST) when you replace your vehicle’s wiper blades.

 Promotion is applicable to selected models only. Please check with our Customer Service Advisors to confirm if your vehicle is eligible for this offer. While Stocks last.

Tyre promotion

Receive service vouchers and complimentary wheel alignment with purchase of 4 tyres.

Tyres are the only link between the vehicle and the road. It is essential to ride with tyre that are in good condition: worn tyres compromise handling, lengthen braking distances and create a risk of wet aquaplaning.

Travel safe this holiday season. Have your tyres checked at our service centre and take advantage of our special tyre promotion on purchase.

  • For every tyre purchase, you get a $10 service voucher
  • For a set of 4 tyres purchase, you get $40 service voucher, plus a free computerised 4 wheel alignment worth $120

Don’t missed out this great deal and lock in the discount by purchasing the tyres today. You can choose to install them at a later date at your convenience. (Installation Validity: Dec 2019 to 29Feb 2020. By appointment only.)

Car care promo

Groom your car to showroom perfection from $148.

Complimentary Microfibre Detailing Cloth with purchase of a single package.

Groom your car to showroom perfection for the festive season, with our year end grooming promotion starting from $148. Plus receive a free Microfibre Detailing Cloth with every purchase.

  • Small - $148 (All Hatchback)
  • Medium - $168 (All Sedan & Station Wagon + Peugeot2008)
  • Large - $188 (All SUV n MPV, Partner/Expert)

Free bottle of Wash & Wax Shampoo with every purchase.

Protect your car from rain and sun damage with our paint coating protection, making your car surface a breeze to clean. Package start from $438 and receive a free bottle of Wash & Wax shampoo with every purchase.

  • Small - $438 (All Hatchback)
  • Medium - $468 (All Sedan & Station Wagon + Peugeot2008)
  • Large - $498 (All SUV n MPV, Partner/Expert)

Terms and conditions apply.