Basic Servicing Package

PEU Basic Servicing Package

Only our certified Peugeot technicians have the training to give your vehicle the care it needs. Sign up for our Basic Servicing Packages that start from only $189 per service. Terms and conditions apply.

Pricing for Basic Servicing Package

Models Service Period Price (GST Inclusive)
Passenger Car 2 years/ 4 services $778.96
Commercial Vehicle 2 years/ 4 services $757.56

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is this Basic Serving Package?
Oil Change Package, a pre-paid service package programme for vehicles that are 6 years old and above.

2. How does this work?
Owner purchases (pre-paid) in advance the four Basic Servicings.
Each service comprises engine oil, oil filter and drain plug change.
The service intervals must be in sequence (i.e. 110K, 120K, 130K, 140K, etc.).
All other service parts like aircon filter, brake fluid, spark plugs etc are charged separately.
These service parts and other repairs are entitled for 20% discount ONLY.

3. What are the benefits of signing up for this programme?
Other service parts and repairs are entitled to a 20% discount. In addition, this programme uses genuine parts and recommended engine oil.

4. I have some existing service vouchers with me, can I use them to offset the cost of the Basic Servicing Package?
Yes, your existing service vouchers can be used to offset the cost for the Basic Servicing Package.

5. I have a 20% discount voucher for repairs/service package, can I use that to get an additional discount?
Other discount vouchers/promotions cannot be used in conjunction with this programme. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

6. I made a mistake in purchasing the Basic Servicing Package, can I get a full refund or exchange for cash?
Any Basic Servicing Package purchased will not be refunded or exchanged for cash. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

7. I want to give/surrender my remaining service interval/s to my good friend/relative/spouse/ children. Can I?
The Basic Servicing Package is tagged to a registered vehicle chassis number belonging to the owner. It is not transferable to another person or another vehicle.

8. If I am selling/sold my car, what happens to the remaining services in my Basic Servicing Package?
Any Basic Servicing Package purchased will not be refunded or exchanged for cash in the event of any unutilised service interval/s.
The remaining unutilised service interval/s will go to the new owner of the vehicle as the programme is tagged to the registered vehicle chassis number.

Terms & conditions

1. The Programme is open to all Peugeot car models registered from 2015 onwards.

2. The Programme offers an additional repair discount of 20% on parts only.

3. The discount is not applicable for purchase of non-franchised accessories, merchandise, tyres, all Add-Value products or labour charges incurred.

4. The discount offered by the Programme cannot be used concurrently with any other promotions, vouchers or service credits.

5. Parts purchased and replaced, with exception of wear and tear items (e.g. lightings, brake pads/discs, wipers, tyres, etc.) will have a one-year parts warranty from date of repair invoice.

6. The Programme can be purchased for any regular scheduled servicing and shall be redeemed at 10,000 km intervals that are in sequence (i.e. 60K, 70K, 80K, and 90K).

7. The Programme cannot be purchased and used for scheduled servicing that is not in sequence (i.e. 75K and 105K, without purchasing the 90K interval).

8. The scheduled servicing offered by the Programme is based on the vehicle’s mileage of 10,000km or six (6) months from the last service, whichever earlier (i.e. 110K/120K @ 6th year, etc).

9. The Programme is valid for 2 years from date of purchase.

10. The Programme is tagged to the registered vehicle by chassis number and is NOT transferrable to another registered vehicle OR to another vehicle owner of a different chassis number.

11. The Programme sold is non-refundable, regardless if the service has been utilised and non exchangeable for cash.

12. The additional discount for repairs (Clause 2) shall cease immediately after the final service package is redeemed.

13. Terms & Conditions are subject to change at management’s discretion.