The number one French car in the world

Keeping its momentum going, Peugeot's worldwide sales saw a total of 2,142,000 cars sold in a global automotive market. This performance clearly illustrates Peugeot's ability to seize every available market opportunity, hence making it the world's leading French automobile brand.

With over 200 years of quality contribution to the motor industry by producing beautiful, well-crafted cars, renowned French automobile-maker, Peugeot, is synonymous with having an aesthetic appeal and innovative spirit.

Putting design, function and creativity at the forefront, the 2nd largest auto-maker in Europe prides themselves with introducing inventions in their cars that are of the highest standards yet never compromising on style, comfort and luxury.

The appeal of Peugeot can be summed up in one simple and very apt word, “FLAIR”.

Flair for the dramatic; flair for designs that capture the imagination and open new horizons; flair for innovative engineering that breathes life not only into every model we create, but also back into our shared environment.

Peugeot also reported on exceptional performance in the light commercial vehicle market, which also saw an increase in its market share, amidst a contracting and particularly competitive market.

Uniquely combining emotion and the pursuit of perfection in all its activities, Peugeot surged ahead with this synthesis that underlies its ability to stay abreast of the times. By improving the efficiency of its engines and developing groundbreaking mobility solutions, the brand's commitment served as a growth in the automobile market.

As the only manufacturer to deploy innovative mobility solutions, Peugeot's offerings of cars, utility vehicles, scooters and bicycles, affirms its international ambition. And with this constant pursuit for perfection, Peugeot has also garnered a substantial market share on our local shores and the hearts of many Singaporeans.