Celebrating 210 years of history

Peugeot 210 Years


210 years ago, the story began with a mill inherited from milling ancestors, which the Peugeot brothers would transform into a steel foundry. The industrial vocation of the Peugeot family was born. Two centuries later, the lion’s brand has a name in the car industry which first started with household products.

From steel bands to saws made in 1810, to tools, and coffee grinders in 1840 and the first pepper mill in 1874, new products are created one by one to the rhythm of abundant ingenuity.

The lion, symbol of the brand appears in 1850 on the saw blades. It is a symbol of the brands qualities: resistant teeth, flexible blades, precision cut. Right then, the lion’s claws become the Peugeot brand’s signature.

In more than 2 centuries, the world has greatly changed. Over the last ten years, our daily lives have undergone vast changes. Ever faster: not only digitalisation and super-connection of course, but also new ways of thinking, new consumption patterns and new mobility methods. Throughout this whole time, PEUGEOT has stayed at the top whilst also changing a lot, opening new ways to move towards more mobility services, offering markets to new successful vehicles.