Celebrating 200 years of inspiration

In 1810, Jean-Pierre and Jean-Frederic Peugeot transformed their father's cereal mill into a steel foundry that took the Peugeot family into the industrial era. Now 200 years later, a new chapter in the Peugeot story about to open with a further evolution of the brand; a new styling direction, a new corporate Lion badge and a new signature - Peugeot MOTION & EMOTION.

This refreshing alliance marks Peugeot's aim to ensure that emotion is always at the heart of the motoring experience and it will certainly propel Peugeot's goal of moving up three places from its current position of tenth in the world car market by 2015.

Accompanying this ambition is the new corporate Lion emblem, which boasts of a new posture, fluidity and dynamism. This change also signifies the commitment of Peugeot ushering in a new era, which will result in a remarkable 14 new models being launched globally between 2010 and 2012.