208 1.2 PureTech EAT6 5-Door (Petrol)

The technological equipment features of the new PEUGEOT 208 GTi have all been designed to enhance and assist your driving experience, maximising enjoyment and comfort while delivering the ultimate in efficiency and safety.



The new PEUGEOT 208 is equally at home in town and on the open road, making it ideal for everyday use - and with reverse parking camera and radars i(detects concealed obstacles while manoeuvring in reverse) plus Park Assist i(active parking aid for parallel parking or parking in bays, at speeds below 7 km/h), it's easy to park too


The compact dimensions of the new PEUGEOT 208 (total length less than 4 metres), together with the compact steering wheel, make the vehicle agile and exceptionally easy to handle - the ideal recipe for true driving pleasure and an experience that's as stimulating as it is enjoyable.


The new PEUGEOT 208 was designed to deliver outstanding driving thanks to highly efficient PureTech et BlueHDi engines that combine versatility and economy without sacrificing a single jot of enjoyment.

In combination with the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit and its compact steering wheel, and with car-to-ground connecting components to suit the various engines and optimised weight to ensure enhanced responses, the wheelbase of the new PEUGEOT 208 offers the ideal synthesis of comfort and superb road holding. The result: genuine driving pleasure.



With black and chrome masks shaping their appearance and their high tech LED lighting signature i, the headlamps on the new PEUGEOT 208 give it a sharper, sleeker and more distinctive appearance while ensuring great visibility, especially by the roadside and when taking curves.



The lights on the new PEUGEOT 208 and their mesmerising new opalescent Red 3D LED clawsi are instantly striking and captivating. These high-tech masterpieces and their claws - clear hallmarks of the PEUGEOT style - are fitted throughout the new PEUGEOT 208 range.


The Mirror Screen function i, allows you to use applications on a smartphone that is compatible with Mirrorlink® i or with Carplay® i via the vehicle's 7" touchscreen.

To optimise readability and for complete safety when used in a car, compatible applications are presented with an interface specially adapted for use while driving.


PEUGEOT Connect Apps

Services available via the 7’’ touchscreen of the PEUGEOT 208, using a 3G key available as an option, and with a subscription.

Subject to the above, the bundle of 18 connected services allows the driver to access practical information in real time, making driving easier on a day-to-day basis. Services include nearby parking facilities, fuel prices in nearby service stations, traffic information, weather, tourist information from both the Red and the Green Michelin Guides, phone directory, TripAdvisor and the Coyote app (availability depends on the country, and on the equipment fitted)

Link MyPeugeot

This application i uses a Bluetooth® connection in conjunction with your vehicle's touchscreen. It allows your smartphone, provided it is compatible, to receive information from your vehicle (e.g. geolocation, mileage, fuel consumption or any display lights that have come on), thereby offering you the following services:

  • Maintenance and alerts: remembers the date of the next maintenance check.
  • Find My Car: helps you find the spot where you parked your car.
  • Last Mile Guidance: shows you how to reach your destination on foot once your car is parked (requires a navigation app).
  • Distance left: check your fuel gauge and the distance left in the tank between two journeys.
  • Journey statistics: after arrival, you can view the key statistics of the journey you have just completed: duration, average consumption, distance travelled.

PEUGEOT Connect Packs


For even greater comfort and safety, we now offer three new connected service packs i:

Monitoring Pack: a virtual service manual (automatically keeps track of mileage and scheduled maintenance) and guide to environmentally sound driving (customised tips based on your driving style).

Mapping Pack i: geolocation, helping you find where the vehicle is parked, and email alerts when the vehicle is being used (except within a pre-set zone and/or timetable(s)), display of journeys in progress and journeys completed.

Tracking Packi: in the event of theft, communicates with the relevant police forces to help locate the vehicle.