Peugeot 508 1.6 (Petrol)


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1.6L HDi 115 bhp FAP BVM5
This engine, equipped with a 5-speed manual gearbox, offers an excellent balance between efficiency and consumption. This makes it a real pleasure to drive.

2.0l HDi 140 bhp FAP BVM6
Equipped with a 6-speed manual gearbox, this engine provides a really nice drive. Its considerable torque, 320 Nm at 2,000 rpm (340 Nm with temporary “overboost” over-torque) guarantees appreciable re-acceleration.

2.0L HDi 163 bhp FAP BVA6
This 1,997 cm3 engine, fitted with an automatic 6-speed gearboxi, offers top class performance and dynamism, making driving particularly enjoyable.

2.2L HDi 204 bhp FAP BVA6
The flagship engine of the 508 range, and available only in the GT model, this engine is equipped with an automatic 6-speed gearboxi. It offers agile re-acceleration and a superior level of driving comfort, while keeping consumption and CO2 emissions under control.

1.6L e-HDi 112 bhp FAP BMP6
With its 6-speed piloted manual gearbox and its e-HDi technology, fuel consumption is kept under perfect control.

BVMP6 = 6-speed piloted manual gearbox
BVM = 5- or 6-speed manual gearbox
BVA6 = 6-speed automatic gearbox
FAP = Particle filter


1.6L VTi 120 bhp BMP6
This 1,598 cm3 engine, associated with a piloted manual 6-speed gearbox*, provides a fantastic balance between driving pleasure and consumption.

1.6L THP 156 bhp BVM6 or BVA6
Offered with a manual or automatici 6-speed gearbox, this engine features very high torque availability (240 Nm at 1,400 rpm), including at the lower end of the rev range. It thus combines dynamism and agility.

BVMP6 = 6-speed piloted manual gearbox
BVM6 = 6-speed manual gearbox
BVA6 = 6-speed automatic gearbox


The 508 SW offers Stop & Start technology in its 1.6L e-HDi 115 bhp FAP BMP6 diesel engine. Quick, efficient and silent, this next generation Stop & Start system cuts both consumption and CO2 emissions (up to -15% when driving in an urban environment). The system is extremely user-friendly, thanks to the fact that the engine stops and restarts almost instantaneously and without vibration, each time that conditions require it to do so.


By enabling you to select the appropriate gear at any given moment and thus achieve optimal consumption, this indicatori allows for a driving style that is kinder to the environment.


The 508 SW benefits from engines offering power outputs ranging from 115 to 204 bhp, with CO2 emissions from 105 g/km to 165 g/km. Each of these is positioned particularly well within its category in terms of consumption and CO2 emissions, without having to compromise on performance.