Peugeot 508 1.6 (Petrol)

Thanks to its high level of safety, both active and passive, the 508 SW ambitiously combines optimised protection with driving pleasure.



The electronic handbrakei combines the functions of automatic braking when the engine stops, including when stalling, and automatic release of the brake upon acceleration with permanent manual operation possible by pulling the control lever. The Hill Assist function coupled with the electronic handbrake ensures that the vehicle remains temporarily stationary (2 secs.) when on a hill (> 3%) and in the opposite direction to the selected gear.



With its new pseudo-MacPherson front suspension, the 508 SW offers a high-quality combination of road handling and comfort. To the rear, a multi-arm suspension system is designed to guarantee a high level of efficiency in terms of road behaviour and to ensure maximum comfort.



The 508 SW can be equipped with adaptive bi-xenoni headlights. At night, a dedicated camera continually analyses the road conditions (on-coming vehicle, vehicle behind, lit urban areas, etc.) and switches to full beam as soon as possible, to increase the visibility and comfort of the driver.



In the event of a collision, passenger protection is reinforced with six airbags: two front airbags, two side airbags in the front and two curtain airbags in the front and rear.



Cruise controli enables you to maintain a constant speed while the limiter allows you to program a speed not to be exceeded. These functions can be set from the multi-functional steering wheel. Five speeds are programmable via the vehicle's settings menu.


For the safety of younger passengers, the Peugeot 508 SW is equipped with ISOFIX fittings with three-point anchoring on the rear lateral seats.



The bi-xenoni headlights also feature a directional function, intended for use in urban driving conditions, at intersections, on very windy roads and during parking manoeuvres, etc. Whether on full or low beam, when the speed of the vehicle is below 40 km/h, the fog lights at the front light up the inside of the bend.


Thanks to the absence of any notches, the new front headrests on the 508 SW, with integrated adjustment, can be positioned at the exact height required. Their size and shape allow them to be adjusted closer to passengers’ heads, to ensure a high level of protection.



Thanks to the presence of an ESP electronic stability programi, the Peugeot 508 SW adds a high level of active safety to its top class road handling. It combines the functions of an anti-lock braking system (ABS), anti-slip regulation (ASR), electronic brake force distribution (EBV and CBC), emergency braking assistance (AFU), stall prevention (MSR) and Intelligent Traction Control, which enables optimisation of the Peugeot 508 SW's driving in poor grip conditions.


The Peugeot Connecti box provides access to Peugeot Connect Assistance services: automatic emergency call in the event of the airbags or pyrotechnic seatbelts being activated, and manual emergency call using the SOS button located on the dashboard. The vehicle is then located and the appropriate emergency services sent immediately.