208 1.2 PureTech EAT6 5-Door (Petrol)

The new PEUGEOT 208 has an uncluttered, high-quality interior. Here, every detail counts, with top-notch ergonomics that deliver improved ease of handling and a ride that feels even more instinctive and safe.

PEUGEOT i-Cockpit


Natural and self-evident, the top-notch ergonomics of the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit promote driving pleasure, ease of handling and precision. Together with a large 7'' touchscreen and head-up instrument panel,the smaller steering wheel offers an improved grip and a driving experience of heightened immediacy and intensityy.



The interior sports a modern, uncluttered design that perfectly matches the style of the exterior. The light yet expressive lines on the dashboard, cat's eye-shaped air vents on either side of the dashboard and the "faceted" elements all speak volumes about the care and attention that's been given to the smallest detail. 

The heat-formed dashboard panel feels soft to the touch and presents an expressive design, giving the body of the dashboard an even more high-quality finish.



The raised instrument panel gives you a head-up view of the analogue dials, which in turn attest to the precision of the car's mechanics. The understated, elegant design of the panel, its ambient white lighting and its central screen ensure that the driving information remains precise and easy to read. All the essential information is readily available, without any need to take your eyes off the road.



The compact steering wheel, together with the equally compact dimensions of the new PEUGEOT 208 - total length less than 4 metres - makes the vehicle agile and exceptionally easy to handle - the ideal recipe for true driving pleasure. From finishing level 3, the wheel now comes encased in smooth full grain leather i, further reinforcing the warm, sophisticated ambiance of the interior.



The large 7’’ touchscreeni is easy to use and offers easy access to a variety of functionsi. It also delivers the finest in onboard connectivity, with Bluetooth and USB connections plus the ability to stream and play audio and video content.



Interior customisation packs are available for the new PEUGEOT 208 i.

These packs are your entry ticket to a modern, up-market universe full of sophisticated detail, from the sport seats to the chrome air vents through to the coloured accents i on the upholstery, the steering wheel, the dashboard and the door panels.

- The MENTHOL White pack adds a dynamic, elegant atmosphere with its white accents.

- With its coloured accents, the LIME Yellow pack is bold, modern and cool.