208 1.2 PureTech EAT6 5-Door (Petrol)

Above all, the PEUGEOT designers set out to enhance the attractiveness and assertiveness of the new PEUGEOT 208 by giving it greater impact and a sharper identity - while also making the vehicle more robust, and of visibly higher quality.



An urban hatchback packed with personality and with a revamped, sophisticated style, the new PEUGEOT 208 offers chic, sporty contours with modern, dynamic proportions (reduced overhangs, compact height) and a very elaborate style (sculpted sides, chrome window surroundsi.



At the front, the contours of the new bumper have been sharpened for clearer, more muscular definition. The enlarged radiator grill and its thickened surround are now fully incorporated into the bumper.

This restyling is underscored at the front by new two-tone headlampsi, shaped by black and chrome masks for a sharper appearance, and by an upmarket LED lighting signaturei - clear and unmistakable indications of feline power and technological excellence.



The new rear lights and their 3D LED clawsi are a striking, captivating touch. Their extremely uniform finish, their warm opalescent Red colour and their 3D effect make them true masterpieces of modern technology. 

These new lights with their three claws - clear hallmarks of the PEUGEOT style - are fitted throughout the new PEUGEOT 208 range.



The palette of paintwork colours and finishes available for the new PEUGEOT 208 range – opaque, metallic, pearlescent, textured – has just been augmented with some fresh creations. This rich, diverse 12-strong assortment was developed in response to the growing need for distinction and exclusivity.

Our new metallic Orange POWER paintwork radiates youth, dynamism and freshness. With a lively, shimmering look that sparkles brightly in the sunlight, this trendy, effervescent hue brings out the best in both the vehicle and its driver.


The new PEUGEOT 208 also offers two new and highly innovative textured paints that combine the qualities of matt and satin: ICE Grey and ICE Silver. 

These distinctive enhancements react strongly to variations in light, bringing out the vehicle's stylish lines and emphasising its dynamic individualism. Their faintly granular texture gives them a striking and quite unique feel, instantly tagging the PEUGEOT 208 as a robust car that takes good care of its occupants.

Tougher and easier to care for than classic matt paints, they are exceptionally resistant to micro-scratches and hold up well under frequent car washing, either with high pressure jets or with roller brushes i. And because they are now being applied as standard to a vehicle enjoying a large production run, these paints are finally available to all.


Exterior customisation packs are available for the new PEUGEOT 208i.

These packs combine the elegance of glossy Black (radiator grill surround, wing mirrors, fog lamp bezels) with distinctive dashes of colour i ("EQUALIZER" grill with coloured 3D effect, PEUGEOT lettering at the front and rear, fog lamp borders and flashing turn indicators).

- With its coloured accents, the LIME Yellow pack is bold, modern and cool.

- The MENTHOL White pack adds a dynamic, elegant atmosphere with its white accents..



New wheels are available throughout the range, from the 15’’ NIOBIUM hubcaps to the new 16’’ TITANE aluminium wheel rim. Different types of 16’’ et 17’’ aluminium wheel rims are now available as options, enhancing their exclusivity: painted rims, rims with a diamond cut finish or rims with an original appearance created by sequential diamond cutting or laser engraving.