Peugeot Universe – Discover the universe of the lion brand

Welcome to the Peugeot universe. Discover the spirit of the Peugeot brand, its 200 years of history and the projects of the Peugeot Design Lab. Also move to the beat of Peugeot Music and discover a host of Peugeot-brand products.

Peugeot Universe – Relive the history of Peugeot


Relive more than 200 years of Peugeot history and passion. From the launch of its first automobile to the creation of its latest concept car, take a look at Peugeot's heritage and discover how it all started. 

Peugeot Universe – Design and innovation from the Peugeot Design Lab


When Peugeot design explores new horizons. The Peugeot Design Lab applies its automobile expertise to serving other external brands.

Peugeot Universe – Travel in good company with Peugeot Music


Live the musical emotion offered by Peugeot. This unique musical programme offers everyone the chance to enjoy a website dedicated to artists, selected by Peugeot, via any computer, tablet or smartphone.

Peugeot Universe – Explore Peugeot Avenue exhibitions and events


Peugeot Avenue Paris, a 300 m² area at the heart of the world's grandest avenue, presents the brand’s values and its move upmarket by means of a number of exhibits.